A literary roundup of football/soccer keepers.
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Saint Taffarel who is in goal
Like a guardian angel
Sweet like honey
Defending our goal, our hope, our happiness.
- Carlos Drummond
A literary roundup of the mysterious keeper, from Nabokov to Camus to Dante. A little more football for those of us getting the twitches.
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I'm familiar with the rich body of writing inspired by baseball and the somewhat lesser literary tradition around American football.

But I'm not so familiar with what has been written and thought about football. Thanks for your post and the link to a pleasant read.
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ardgedee try Fever Pitch the book by Nick Hornby . Its a fans obsession . Others of course will dismiss it as being a pimp for Arsenal. (review)
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Thanks for linking to a great read!

For somebody who doesn't claim to follow Brazilian futbol I was surprised I recognized the name Taffarel right away ...
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Pretty indepth analysis! Thanks for sharing!

Also, as we Brazilians would say: "SAI QUE É SUA, TAFFAREL!" Here is the video of the PKs from that game in '98 that was mentioned in the article.
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SAI QUE É SUA, TAFFAREL! I still have to yell that during penalty kicks. It's my little talisman.
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Thanks for posting this.
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