Paddle from Alcatraz
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The Alcatraz Swim-o-Meter calculates the time and path of your watery escape from Alcatraz, designed and built by San Francisco Dolphin Club member Kent Myers.
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Where's the part where sharks eat you? How long does that take?
posted by Pope Guilty at 1:11 PM on July 14, 2010

Swimming is for suckers. I would fly like the Bird Man. That's why they called him the Bird Man, right?
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38 min per mile is pretty optimistic IMO although perhaps not for people who are planning to swim from Alcatraz.
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My friend did the Escape From Alcatraz Tri and said that the current pushes you toward (and laterally down) the beach a lot. So 38min/mile is probably taking that into account.
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That "worst time" setting is wacky.
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I set it for -10 minutes per mile. I think I'm in Larkspur by now.
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I set it for 70 minute miles... and it took less than 2 hours leaving on July 5 at 7:15 AM.

Timing is everything, apparently.
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Man, setting it for 90 minute miles and 'Crab' is awesome. You just drift away.
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I was just over at the Aquatic Park on Monday and was watching some open water swimmers warm up in view of Alcatraz, and was wondering how tough it would really be to make that swim. Now, not two days later, I know!
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Wait, someone actually asked if he could fly? That's hilarious.

Since you work there and all . . . have they done anything with the morgue since I was there in 2005? Last time I saw it it was just a door with a clear bit of plastic and a faded piece of paper with a factoid looking into a creepy room with a big cement slab.
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I don't get what's so bad about "The Worst Time."

Since I can swim a 3 Minute mile, it says it will only take me 4 minutes to shore.
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