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My guess would be "maybe in moderation?" Cats are carnivores so I doubt they'd be interested in eating a ton of broccoli.

And hat tag should be oMnomnomnom, I think.
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man is it youtube day or something
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p3on -- exactly.
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man is it youtube day or something

Yes, yes it is and I'm enjoying all of it, especially this.
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My experience with cats is that most of them occasionally like the green stuff. Grass, leaves, broccoli... I think I read somewhere that they sometimes use it as an emetic. My experience also bears that out. So, you know, beware.

Still, cats, eh? Gotta love 'em whatever they do. I even continued to love one of my cats after he shat in the bed. Well, after about ten minutes of raw fury I did.
posted by Decani at 11:51 AM on July 31, 2010

heh, one of mine will pull tortilla chips out of the bag with her paw and eat 'em, if I give her a chance. Maybe it's because of all the corn filler in dry cat food...?

She likes Santitas best.
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Aww, kitty really wants that broccoli!
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man is it youtube day or something

it's caturday.
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Kitten eating melon
posted by homunculus at 12:14 PM on July 31, 2010

Yeah, cats can develop a taste for weird things. I used to have a cat that went bananas for cantaloupe and also for popcorn (but it had to be hot). One of our cats loves leaves of pretty much any kind, so I can't have plants around where he can get to them (in other words, I can't have plants). When he sees our Thursday CSA box, he starts howling for the greens he knows are inside; lettuce, spinach, cabbage, swiss chard, herbs, he loves them all.
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I've noticed that a lot of dogs love popcorn, but I've never seen a cat do anything but sniff at it and walk away.
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My cat (who now lives with my mom in Ohio) has a thing for coffee. To the point of shoving her entire head into a coffee mug to lick out the bottom. She also eats coffee grounds. It's weird.
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My cat loves cantalope melon. But it has to be really ripe and sweet. He's fanatic about it then.

If it's only OK, he's not interested. He also loves kalamata olives.
posted by jeff-o-matic at 12:23 PM on July 31, 2010

When I was younger, we had a kitty that LOVED super hot things. Like Flamin' Hot Cheetos. He's eat a few of them, leap around in lip-smacking pain, and then dive in for more. It was hilarious.

Also, green plastic easter basket grass is much funnier when hanging out of a cat's ass.
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Shadow was raised by a rabbit. And he developed a liking for all kinds uncatlike foods. Almonds, cucumber peels, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, melons, pumpkin, greens of all manner. I can not cut into a red pepper without having him at my feet, begging for a piece.

My other cat, Charlie (R.I.P.) would look on in disgust at this unseemly behaviour. She was able to disabuse him of his habit of sitting back on his haunches like a bunny, but when it came to his dietary predilections there was no hope of correction.
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Hot Cheetos != super hot things. Just sayin'.

Also I love kittens and support posts about kittens.
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My dearly departed cat used to love strawberries. She wouldn't lick them more than once or twice, but she would rub her face on them like she thought it was catnip.
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My cat loves broccoli. If you give her a small piece cut from the stem, she'll play with it and eat it just like it was catnip.
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A vegan friend in Mexico City had a cat (RIP) who could tell a ready-to-eat papaya from a not-quite-ripe one. Every other morning he'd put a bowl of candidates out for kitty, and she'd pick breakfast. (She got a chunk as a reward.)
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Kitty eating kale
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The ad for the "Cat Genie" self-cleaning litterbug might interest some folk. Pricey, but it might pay for itself over a couple years, plus no litterbox scooping.
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Er, said ad appeared when I viewed this thread through the iPhone twitter app.
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Given my original comment, I find some irony that this thread has contributed to a callout in MeTa.

Wait, would that be irony, or something else?
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heh, one of mine will pull tortilla chips out of the bag with her paw and eat 'em, if I give her a chance. Maybe it's because of all the corn filler in dry cat food...?

Mine loves tortilla chips, but I'm pretty sure it's just the salt.
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Hmm – all but the last are tuxedo cats. You know, the best cats.
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Melons apparently smell like meat to cats. There's a lot of stories about people finding their cats in the fridge attacking a melon.

I'm not so sure about the brocolli, though. I know cats often love fresh spinach leaves or grass, especially if they're indoor-only cats.

Also: Rrrrrrawmomnomnomnom.
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My cat hates anything that isn't cat food, she's so boring. She even doesn't understand the joys of catnip. The only thing she'll eat that isn't cat food is tomato sauce from sardine tins - she licks all the sauce off and leaves the sardines, but even then she refuses to do it amusingly.

There is such a thing as way too much dignity, cat. I'll never get a decent video for youtube now :(
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yeah, the Fat Man loves spinach, spaghetti sauce and iceberg lettuce. The One Cat Demolition Team prefers Tabasco Sauce. As you might guess, we have no plants in the house.
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my cat loves mushrooms so much she'd manage to get an old fridge door open to get to them. i wake up to my boyfriend muttering, damn cat's in the fucking fridge again
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I had a cat who LOVED jelly donuts. He would follow us around begging us frantically until we gave him some whenever there were any in the house.

He also liked grapes, but not to eat. He would just carry them around in his mouth, looking kind of meditative.
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Spike will steal salad if you walk away during dinner prep...I also have photos of him flipping Wheat Thins out of a toppled box on the counter to his canine sister below...and then there's his fondness for shrimp chips. Cats are weird.
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Not heretofore mentioned: Bananas!

Many years ago I had six (yes, SIX) cats (no, I wasn't *that* crazy). Three of them were litter mates, and all three were (dare I say it) bananas for bananas. Like, "sit around me in an avid circle waiting for a piece of the kill" crazy for bananas. Tastes run in families, I guess :)
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Things my cat likes (a partial list):

Tuna (obviously)
Nutritional yeast
Canned chickpeas
Any kind of canned bean, really
Grilled okra with chili peppers
Black olive tapenade on Trader Joe's 4-cheese pizza
Black olive tapenade
The vinegar-juice from Ralph's green salad olives
Olive oil-and-soy sauce marinade (for tofu)
Fritos chili cheese corn chips
Peach-flavored ice cream
Creamy portobello mushroom soup
Gefilte fish (no surprise, really)
Mashti Malone chocolate fudge brownie ice cream
Leftover oatmeal with just a bit of Pain Quotidien's sugary praline butter and gooseberry apricot jam
El Cholo's refried beans (cried like a baby for them)
Sargento sharp cheddar cheese slices (she doesn't like just any cheese)
Peach Yoplait mixed half-and-half with Greek-style yogurt
Roasted peanut shells (she only licks them, but still)
The sauce from Healthy Choice portobello mushroom pasta
Bossa Nova's veggie lasagna (again, mainly the sauce)
Trader Joe's tomato roasted red peppers soup
Trader Joe's mushroom risotto
Wolfgang Puck's canned chicken and vegetable soup

She's sick now. (Cancer, not food-related.) I'll miss her when she's gone.
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Pony request: reformat bylines to "posted by username at time on date [+] [!] [hug]"
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When I was a kid we had a cat that went nuts over cheese puffs (not Cheetos, which are a different thing). He'd stand up on his hind feet and dance around, begging for them. Never saw anything like it before or since. (100% recycled comment.)
posted by Crabby Appleton at 8:28 PM on July 31, 2010

Previous AskMe thread about cats who 'go nuts' for certain scents and foods.
posted by ericb at 9:10 PM on July 31, 2010

I just discovered that my cat absolutely luuuuvs cilantro, of all things. It seems to have a catniplike effect on her. She will stick her nose in it, snort it, rub her face on it and nom it.

A couple of days ago I dropped a bit on the kitchen floor while making spring rolls. When I turned around, she was purring and rolling around on top of it.

I said "Miss Pie, did you find the cilantro?"*

She said "Mrrr!" and proceeded to tear around the house like a goddamn maniac.

Cats are weird.

*People who talk to their cats like they are people are NOT WEIRD AT ALL.
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I had two cats growing up, sisters. Fluffy was a real people-food lover (her first Thanksgiving we eventually had to stop giving her turkey as we were afraid she'd explode) and liked all manner of strange food, including oatmeal. Pumpkin (still with us at 18) was less of a fan, but had a propensity, instead, for eating flowers. Once when I was around ten years old, I thought I would cleverly get around my cat's habit by making my mom some lovely paper flowers for her birthday and putting them in a vase.

I walked into the living room later to find Pumpkin on the table...eating the paper flowers.

(Of course, now she walks around the house at night, finding crumpled pieces of paper, picking them up and howling until one of us comes, praises her, and takes the paper away. Perhaps my fake flowers scarred her for life. Or possibly...cats are weird.)
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Over the past forty-five years we have had a few cats, at least two at a time. All would go for greenery (including Aloe vera) some times. But the only one who ate broccoli, ate it cooked, and she would eat anything/everything else available. She had this thyroid condition. We pilled her every day but she could never satisfy her hunger (most of what she ate was passed pretty quickly). The good news: she lived to be nineteen years old! So, broccoli... I don't know...
(This is all about cats, right? And we can talk about them, okay?
posted by CCBC at 3:29 AM on August 1, 2010

*People who talk to their cats like they are people are NOT WEIRD AT ALL.

Nthing this. We've always talked to both our cats like they're people. So much so, that when we have visitors who try to make the typical "pusspusspuss" or clicking sounds to get their attention, they don't respond at all. But they do both know their names, and interact with us as we talk to them. I think we may not give cats enough credit sometimes.
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Cheetos, Cheez-Its, and especially tortilla chips here.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 5:58 AM on August 1, 2010

I had a cat that loved eating potato peels, he would steal them out of the garbage.
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The broccoli cat thing is miniscule compared to the international phenomenon of Cats Eating Corn on the Cob. There must be a hundred of them on YouTube.

I sent a link to that video to a friend who had cats. He emailed back, "oh my cat likes corn on the cob too."
posted by charlie don't surf at 12:03 PM on August 1, 2010

Pretty sure that the corn on the cob videos is all propaganda from Monsanto/Agra-business - you're ignoring the real story, which is the plight of the locavore cats.
posted by Think_Long at 5:51 PM on August 1, 2010

A few days ago the husband announced that cats like broccoli, it's a well known fact, and that we needed to buy some at the store to test it on our ca, (who I admit had eaten a sprig or two of broccoli in the past, when it was dropped on the floor).
I said, "wait, what?!"
Husband: "It's on MetaFilter." Understood point - thus it is true.
I was certain he was making this up, but no, now that I've found the thread, he's right.

So husband bought broccoli, then placed a bowl with a huge stem of it in front of the cat. The cat sniffed it, then looked at him as if to say "this is all?" I explained to husband that cat has tiny teeth despite his two large fangs and needs his broccoli broken into tiny bits. We did so. Cat still looked at us as if we were crazy. So apparently our cat only eats broccoli if it's not meant for him and is accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor.

And I'd like to thank MeFi for making this whole slightly amusing moment possible.
(This would have been an entirely different comment had the experiment resulted in cat barf. As I'm the sole cleaner of such barf.)
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Q: Do TIGERS like catnip??
posted by homunculus at 1:13 PM on August 4, 2010

Cats & Dogs love Peanut Butter
posted by homunculus at 6:47 PM on August 16, 2010

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