Bloomberg makes his stand
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Former Republican Mayor of New York City invokes 9/11 when making a political speech about the proposed Mosque near Ground Zero. (Prev.)

"On Sept. 11, 2001, thousands of first responders heroically rushed to the scene and saved tens of thousands of lives. More than 400 of those first responders did not make it out alive. In rushing into those burning buildings, not one of them asked, 'What God do you pray to?' (Bloomberg's voice cracks here a little as he gets choked up.) 'What beliefs do you hold?'

"The attack was an act of war, and our first responders defended not only our city, but our country and our constitution. We do not honor their lives by denying the very constitutional rights they died protecting. We honor their lives by defending those rights and the freedoms that the terrorists attacked."

- Michael Bloomberg
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Just about the worst way to frame a great speech. Someone else try making this post without the editorializing -- mathowie

Burying the lede much? Bloomberg came out in support of the center.

What was the point of making a potentially inflammatory post like this?
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I think it is misleading to describe Bloomberg as "former Republican." He ran on the ticket as a matter of pragmatism -- for a first-time mayor, running independent is just a bad idea -- not on the values nor contributions of the Republican party, and especially not on what citing someone as a "Republican" connotes in the age of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. I could be wrong but the campaign was self-funded, which is why "he bought the election(s)" is a regular criticism.
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On YouTube.
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Avoid the comments on that article at all cost.
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Well said. It's just sad that he has to say it at all.
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