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The Video Website, created by Jimmy Kimmel Live intern Jeffrey Loveness, is a parody of The Social Network.
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That was awesome. I work in social media and am really not looking forward to everyone who knows this asking me a bunch of stupid questions about Social Network when it comes out.
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I've only been following The Social Network because 1) David Fincher is directing, and 2) Trent Reznor did the music. Mostly I don't care about Facebook (I'm not a member). But Fincher does great movies, and Trent does great music. I hope the movie is good.
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(and having said that, the parody trailer is pretty funny)
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hippybear: "But Fincher does great movies, and Trent does great music."

And don't forget: script by Aaron Sorkin (West Wing, A Few Good Men)
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dayum. fincher, reznor, sorkin? this is relevant to my interests.
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Never in a million years would I guess David Fincher would direct an Aaron Sorkin script about...Facebook. Fucking Facebook. But that trailer for The Social Network is pretty damn watchable; I watched it two or three times. But that's probably because of that entrancing acapella version of Creep.

A melodrama about rich Ivy League kids getting richer and some getting not so much richer doesn't really push my buttons.
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