Mr. President, I need your advice on this attachment.
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Mr. President, I need your advice on this attachment. No matter who you are, you are still foolish to open unscanned attachments. Sircam strikes again!
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Dubya would never fall for that.
posted by ColdChef at 9:36 AM on August 3, 2001

There are some ways to spot Sircam. The e-mail text always begins with 'Hi! How are you?" and always ends with "See you later. Thanks."

Well, there you go. If sysadmins would just get off their butts and filter out any e-mail with these phrases in it, then we'd all be safe.
posted by straight at 9:44 AM on August 3, 2001

Exactly. My inbox, however, is usually full of "Hey, you ignorant f*ck! {Randomly generated line from "The network isn't working ~ I can't log on ~ My computer's dead, have you seen my power cord?"} Get your butt over here before you're fired!"

I never knew they were all viruses.
posted by dhartung at 11:03 AM on August 3, 2001

This virus has suckered the average american worker, who is desperate to be asked for their advice. If bosses asked for advice from their employees more often, this email wouldn't be so powerful.
posted by brucec at 11:25 AM on August 3, 2001

I answer e-mails from a "mailto" link from a high-profile web site and I receive this virus at least 10 times a day.

I must say I do like the fact that it's bilingual.
posted by preguicoso at 11:36 AM on August 3, 2001

dude, to hell with this thing. because of all this sircam this, sircam that, and every weblog and their mother saying "sircam blah blah," the other night i actually had a dream that i got it, and it was slowly eating my hard drive... all i could do was watch. as dorky as it sounds, i actually woke up with the same relieved feeling one gets when he wakes up to find out that so-and-so horrible thing didn't really happen..
posted by lotsofno at 1:43 PM on August 3, 2001

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