Dress 'em how you like.
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At the 1938 Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme in Paris. each of fifteen artists were given a dressmaker's mannequin as their canvas and encouraged to transform the figure in any way they desired.
The artists included (in order of appearance in this video) Salvador Dalí, Óscar Dominguez, Marcel Duchamp, Léo Malet, André Masson, Joan Miró, Wolfgang Paalen, Kurt Seligmann, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Jean, Max Ernst, Espinoza, Maurice Henry, Sonia Mossé, and Man Ray. Here are some stills.
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So *thats* where Lady Gaga gets her ideas from...
posted by SirOmega at 2:40 PM on August 12, 2010

Perhaps this one was the inspiration for Devo??
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The music choice for the video was inspired.
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