Sen. Biden may scotch missile defense.
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Sen. Biden may scotch missile defense. Didn't see any mention of this on the main American news sites I checked, as they celebrate Bush's recent policy triumphs in Congress and wink at his fleeing for his ranch for a month. Even stories about his future challenges don't refer to this, which seems important to me. You can bet the rest of the world is more interested in this story.
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Scotch missile defense:
"Hey, Wullie! There's a grreat bloody missile comin' doon! Will we put the High Altitude Go-Gettem Intercept System into action?"
"Aye! Launch the HAGGIS!"
"But wha'll pay for it?"
"Oh, aye. I haddna thought of that. Wha'll pay?"

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What? You mean the vast and powerful liberal media hasn't covered this story? I will go to the Fox News Channel for all my news now, at least they're fair & balanced...
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owillis: The real reason to watch the FNC.
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