Green Flash bashes Bush
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Green Flash bashes Bush
Greenpeace is launching a contest to highlight the absurdity of the Bush positions on climate change and/or missile defence using Macromedia Flash. The contest, open to everyone and having no prize other than a link, runs through July 6th and should be almost as much fun as the 5k.
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posted by DragonBoy (7 comments total)
Surely the facts supporting their case won't even exceed 5 bytes...
posted by frednorman at 4:11 PM on June 11, 2001

did anyone catch the bush/grinch shockwave files over on the pile? they're gone now what with the two day archive and everything, but maybe someone saved them.....? as far as denigrating dubya via flash goes, they'd be in the running from the get-go.
posted by donkeysuck at 4:15 PM on June 11, 2001

Upon skimming this post, I first thought that Bush was trying to change the climate using missle defense and Marcomedia flash. That got my attention.
posted by Hackworth at 4:23 PM on June 11, 2001

See what happens when you don't get enough sleep...

btw, that was the 5k
posted by DragonBoy at 5:36 PM on June 11, 2001

"and should be almost as much fun as the 5k."

except, you know, politically motivated.

posted by jcterminal at 7:03 PM on June 11, 2001

I can't handle the creative end of this assignment but I have the concept: NMD is the Maginot Line of the 21st century.

Work with me baby!
posted by Dick Paris at 2:03 AM on June 12, 2001

Black screen.
Fade in on a picture of GWB.
Sound: someone yells 'BUSH SUCKS!'
Fade out.

I'm *guaranteed* to win!
(by the way, does this strike anyone else as completely trite and ridiculous? Not to mention the fact that Greenpeace is directly promoting an Evil Corporation and its product?)
posted by darukaru at 7:23 AM on June 12, 2001

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