Still a failed state
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Ahmed Rashid writes about The Anarchic Republic of Pakistan as amid the flooding the CIA resumes its drone campaign and Pakistan is to clamp down on Islamist militant charities while the Chinese give Military Assistance.

Maybe some humor is the only way to understand Pakistan.
Robber: “Give me all your money!”
Zardari: “Don’t you know who I am? I am Asif Ali Zardari.”
Robber: “OK. Give me all my money”
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For a state whose economy is on the skids and dependent on the IMF for massive bailouts, whose elite refuse to pay taxes, whose army drains an estimated 20 percent of the country’s annual budget, Pakistan continues to insist that peace with India is impossible for decades to come.

dependent on loans for massive bailouts? check.
an elite who refuse to pay taxes? check
20 or more of the national budget on defense? check

And the problem is? It seems the American influence on Pakistan has been more successful than imagined.
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How can a brand-new 5-page article about anarchy in Pakistan not mention the horrific flooding and refugee crisis created by that natural disaster? Not even once? Surely that has implications for the state of government and economic realities in that country...
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We need a dead pool on this sad place. I vote before the end of the next decade.
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why no mention of the floods? the National Interest is a bi-monthly magazine, so the article was probably written a few weeks ago
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800000 people stranded as of NYTimes

America and the west could spend a fraction of what a war/occupation/puppet state would cost to save these people and we could do more to reduce Islamic militancy for generations

that choice is on the table...guess which way its going to go
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There's no mention of the floods because this article was locked up and sent to the printer before the floods happened.
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Ahmed Rashid - former Bills great.
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What does that mean please Senator?
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It's utterly depressing to watch the news coming out of my homeland (well, one of them, to be more precise). I keep thinking I need to do a post about all the things that are wonderful about Pakistan.

Some of it this guy talks about, but there is so much more. And it breaks my heart that most of the people in this online community of ours will only ever think of it as "this sad place." Until a short time ago, I would have sputtered in indignation at that description. But in spite of how vibrant and resilient it is, "sad" really is becoming an accurate descriptor.

There is so much more than Zardari, nuclear warheads, oppressed minorities, and natural disasters. Perhaps I will put together a post.
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Perhaps I confused this fellow with Ahmad Rashād.
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bardophile; here's a few 1; 2; 3 to cheer you up.
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adamvasco: Interesting thought, that Abida Parveen would be considered Nusrat's successor. She was very much a contemporary. Not sure, might even have become popular before him. She's a phenomenal performer live, and at least back in 1994, incredibly humble.
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Tweeting for Pakistan
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