Toy Soldiers: Paper, Plastic, Metal
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Tin Soldiers. Lead Soldiers. Plastic Army Men. But if you like your toy soldiers not so harmful to the environment and a little more do-it-yourself, you can get paper soldiers. Here are some Print-fantry soldiers you can download for free.

Handy instructions, a review, and photos (and via) at Toy Soldiers Forever.
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This is pretty fantastic.

My brother used to call them "armies" when he was little. Instead of "soldiers" or "army men". As in: "No fair! You can't shoot down one of my armies until I have all of them set up!"
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Huzzah!! And posted just while I'm near the office colour printer... double huzzah!
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On a related note, Paper City is pretty neat too.
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Previously in the same vein. I love paper soldiers; they are as much fun to make as they are to play with.
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Toy soldiers are so cool. But I'm wondering something... I always see American Army, Navy, and Air Force "army men," but I seldom see US Marine "army men." What's up with that? (Admittedly, I know virtually nothing about the military, toy or otherwise.)
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I think GI Joe was a Marine.
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What about the Civil War (in 3D)?
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pew pew pew...damn, papercut!
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Heh. From the link:

Vintage plastic movie toy clones advanced zombie like toward a newly created line of DIY Print-fantry Elite. Some of their number claimed to be 'rebels' but their true nature was inescapable - they were plastic clones made by the million by a Mega Corp Toy Empire. The Print-fantry Guard Officer remained cool and defiantly haughty as the non-biodegradable monsters rocked forward. 'Hold it... Hold it...' he whispered, confident in his diciplined ethical manufacture and expressive historic detailing. As the clones got within arms reach he gave the order 'FIRE!' and his men let loose their volley at point blank range...
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Some people "play" with toy soldiers by dressing them in paper uniforms, have them engage in constructive negotiations for conflict resolution, and hold staged moments of perfect pathos as one dying toy soldier tells his buddies to let his mother know he loves her.

Other people create somewhat elaborate battlefield layouts covered in their toy soldiers, then play "air raid" with a handful of firecrackers until no one remains standing. They then carefully inspect the carnage for the most interesting mutilations they can show off to their friends.

The former would work with paper dolls. The latter, not so much. Well, it might make having a flame-thrower unit more effective, teaching kids the joys of banned incendiary weapons.

/ Never did either - I never got the "point" of dolls of any sort.
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teaching kids the joys of banned incendiary weapons.

I don't think flame throwers are banned weapons, I know they're aren't in the U.S. arsenal anymore, but they aren't banned. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Paper armies are awesome, btw.
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...but I seldom see US Marine "army men."

We got your Marines.

That Junior General site is great Mithreal. Two paper toy soldier posts on Metafilter, what a great place.
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I seldom see US Marine "army men."

From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.
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I played with a set of painted lead army-men, that was already antique at that time. The soldiers were doing all kinds of stuff, like operating radios and releasing pigeons, and one man in a brown suit with a fedora, carrying a briefcase.
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All of our plastic army-men were destined to have their heads burned off in the spark gap of a Ford Model-T spark coil.
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I remember putting on my Christmas present wish list a lead soldier casting kit from the FAO Schwartz catalog. It had a little stove and molds that you poured the molten lead into to cast the soldiers. Every Christmas morning I wake up and look under the tree only to find that Santa still thinks I'm not old enough yet.
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I never got the "point" of dolls of any sort.

They're action figures!
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They're action figures!

They are 25mm scale miniatures used for replication of strategic battles. In this tactical scenario, Chaos Marines are trying to brutally clamp down on an insurgence of Space Orks on jetbikes.
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I use like chew on my led sodiers. They get mangle like real war army men.
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