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Sleazefest: The Movie [rather nsfw] is a documentary of the first Sleazefest, a two day festival of bands, barbecue, b-movies and beer that took place in August of 1994 at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, NC. The festival was extended to three days and became an annual event for the next decade. posted by Potomac Avenue (3 comments total) 7 users marked this as a favorite
I'm over in Oz back in '99. Only the 2nd time I'd been overseas at the time. SCOTS had played a couple shows at the time. The family I was staying with had a son my age. His friend worked for the venue, so he got us tickets, knowing nothing about the band and assuming it was a band I was into because they were from the US and, well, that was the entire reasoning.

Anyhow, just before the beginning of Bloodsucker, you can hear... faintly... someone yell something and several other audience members react a bit. It wasn't to the song, at all. Some drunk guy had tripped and fallen, and when he got up he lifted his arm with an odd look on his face only to find the bone portruding at the wrist. What you hear is my friend yelling "Holy Shite!" at the sight of it, and the audience reacting to me pointing and laughing at the guy. To mutters and heads shaking, I protested: "C'mon, he's so drunk he can't even feel it."

Culture clash, I guess.
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Man, some friends of mine from Richmond (Dirtball, the Shiners) tried to get me to attend a couple of those with them. Damn shame I never did.

You haven't lived until you've watched a redneck murder-rampage C-movie starring a guy that looks to be a cross between KISS and Willie Nelson, drunk on moonshine, in the steamy Virginia summer heat.
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Still a running gag between me and the wife: a young man who looked like Evan Dando walked up to us between sets, wide pupils, smirking. He slowly reached out, poked my wife in the belly and said, "Billygoat" and walked off.

Also, the BeatleBob tag should be added.
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