Israelis (who else?) prepare to bring a new life into the world.
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Israelis (who else?) prepare to bring a new life into the world. One that will hopefully pass the Turing test.
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and our very own paul ford is working on this, which means that it should be brilliant, of course...
posted by judith at 9:07 AM on August 21, 2001

hugo de garis builds brains
too. heed his warnings.
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Interesting that they used the word "slavery" in there. Is slavery of an intelligent machine any more ethical than slavery of a person? Particularly considering that the software is raised as a child, taught by punishment and reward?

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"After all, if a computer is perceived to be as intelligent as a person, what is the difference between a smart computer and a human being?"
Oh, and I had thought a capacity for love or ambition had something to do with it. Silly me!
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Remember there's a whole lotta difference between intelligence and things such as emotion, ability, ambition, greed, etc.

Making the mistake of assigning humanity to a machine irrespective of its perceived intelligence is about as smart as taking the pronouncements of rock stars or sports stars on things such as ecology and international relations seriously. Oh hang on, the media (and hence society) already does.
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Geez, wasn't AI bad enough?
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Al Gore's algorithms are primitive by Israeli standards.
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The privately owned company, run by Israeli tech entrepreneur Jack Dunietz, aims over the next 10 years to develop Hal into an "adult" computer program that can do what no program has ever done before -- pass the Turing test.

Uh-huh. AI is "10 years away". It's been "10 years away" for forty years now.

"It's just that we don't know the secret yet," said Hutchens

Move along, folks, nothing to see here.
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