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Experts answer what they know. The Non-Expert answers anything. For example, Can We Date? — home to this flowchart to help determine what is legal, and what is socially acceptable. [previously]
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The Morning News is always good for a laugh. And and interesting link or two.
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I couldn't help giggling at the "gaaaaaahhh!" reaction to marrying a first cousin, because I get that every semester I teach the Victorian novel (where you have first cousin marriages up the wazoo). It gets even better when you teach Wuthering Heights, and point out that according to one theory, Heathcliff may well be Cathy's half-brother.
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Wait, the original asker was freaking out over the apparent impropriety of dating his brother's wife's cousin? Not a blood/step/adopted sibling, but someone belonging to a totally different family? And dating this COMPLETELY UNRELATED person is compared to the terror of marrying your first cousin? Sheesh, as long as your surname isn't Hapsburg and hemophilia doesn't run in your family, go for it at the next reunion. (Of course, I'm from a long line of inbred hicks from Quebec. YMatingMV.)
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Look for the FUCK THAT GHOST option in the flow chart. Funny.
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Make it happen cap'n
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We need a flow chart like that for "Can we eat it if we left it out on the counter?"
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Make it happen cap'n

But only if you're Woody Allen. Otherwise, keep it on the down-low.
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So as long as you have a pre-existing professional relationship, incest is A-OK?

I suppose I've learned something today...
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This kind of thing can get right out of hand.
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I really love that "Soulmate" and "Cellmate" have the same paths for decision making.
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That "Can we date" flowchart could be linked on any of about 1,000 askmefi posts.
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