My childhood image of Steve slowly melted as I listened to this.
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Steve Burns of Blue's Clues fame goes on-stage and talks about being Fameish.
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Groupies that would make Skwisgaar from Deathklok blush. Amirite?
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That was pretty charming! Glad to hear he's doing well these days.
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Sing the mail song for me Steve. Sing it.
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His album Songs For Dustmites is charming and fun. Possibly the only album I've ever heard with a song about string theory.
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OK, this is pretty awesome.
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I suppose Dora and Diego and Blue's Clues have a place in the grand scheme of things, but I was so goddamn happy when my son outgrew those boring, inoffensive and utterly unentertaining shows in favour of Spongebob Squarepants and Clone Wars.
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This is pretty awesome though, thanks for posting.
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steve burns shows up unannounced at a kid's blue's clues party. ever since i heard that story i thought he was just the raddest dude in the whole world.
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nadawi: that's a small part of the story he tells in the link!
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I brought my son to see a musical stage adaption of Blue's Clues back when it was still a thing, it was pretty fantastic. They did this one skit about the planets of our solar system with actors dressed as the planets and the stage darkened to be the universe. Good stuff.
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hippybear, I totally agree about Songs for Dustmites (my very favorite track is "A Reason"--but the whole thing is lovely)! I went to see him play live when that album came out (not even because I was a Blue's Clues fan or anything, but because a friend had gotten me to listen to a track from the record and then told me it was Steve from Blue's Clues and I was like WTF REALLY? BUT THIS IS SO AWESOME), and he was great and funny, and really earnest about playing music, and he said some swear words. I froke out.
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Came in here to be all 'isn't Songs For Dustmites just wonderful?' and found the love in full effect. so_gracefully, I did that exact thing to just about everyone I knew back when it came out. I'll just link my favorite track instead. Troposphere
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I'm also a huge fan of Songs for Dustmites and Steve's webpage is also pretty awesome ( Hmm. Or I should say was as it currently appears to be suspended (hopefully for being too popular?). Anyone who makes male pattern baldness both funny and sexy is all right in my book.
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Now I've listened to the podcast Steve has jumped right to the top of my list of favourite people.
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I'm a fan... But what the hell did he just do to the past participle of 'freak'.
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My Mom was still teaching preschool at the time BLUE'S CLUES was still on, and she thought that it was the best of the lot when it came to children's programming. She even decided to use "clues" in her "handy-dandy notebook" to gently break it to the kids at the school that she was retiring.

But I always got the sense that Steve had a good ear for his "audience" -- both of them. He was uncannily good at relating to kids, but a witty dude around adults. I always respected that.

...Someone on my Facebook list now has Steve on HIS friendslist because Steve was just in a show he wrote. And Steve's comments have been pretty dang cool.
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Ha! This is a great post. I had heard that Steve was a headbanger after his stint on BC.

My son LOVED "Blues Clues". I remember watching the Macy's T-giving Parade on TV one year (in the heyday of Steve) and seeing the BC float with Steve sitting in the red chair. It was about 10 degrees out that day and the camera caught a shot of Steve sitting huddled over in just jeans and The Shirt. The look on his face was so pissy and spoke of, "WTF am I doing here? It's 10 fucking degrees out!".

Made me sad and cracked me up all at the same time.
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What an awesome storyteller. And, uh ... yeah. Totally had the hots for Steve when my kids were wee ones. Him and Major Bedhead from Big Comfy Couch.
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"Is that true? Am I saying the right things to all those kids? A tremendous responsibility."

Great to hear him taking his life and work seriously but keeping a sense of humor as well.
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Is this the place where I admit that I watched Blue's Clues in college? Sober? And that I was Steve for Halloween my sophomore year? And that a bunch of kids pointed at me walking down the street and yelled, "Blues Clues!"? Because all of those things might have happened.

Also I thought this post was about Steve being Flemish, and I was a little confused.
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Just starting to listen to this, so no judgement on Steve, yet, but I have to say that "The Moth" is a treasure.
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This weekend I was cleaning out a box of junk from 2002 and found several sheets of Blue's Clues stickers. I maaaaayyy have squealed. And I maaaaayyy have a Mailbox sticker on the back of my iPhone now.

PS. Steve I am very sorry I accidentally kicked you in the back of the knee when you played the Mercury Lounge in 2004.

PPS. Joe sucks.
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That was an amazing story to listen to, and the make-a-wish at the end was suddenly and unexpectedly heartbreaking.

Steve always rocked. Death to Joe!
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To this day I still sing the mail song to myself when the mail comes. Actually, some great person scribbled it in sharpie on a mailbox near my house.
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There was a time when my now-10 year old dressed as Steve every single day. He still prefers khakis and striped polo shirts!
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Wow, the part at the end about the Make a Wish Foundation is going to leave me choked up all day.
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I always imagined that Steve had a roaring, filthy, kinky private life. Like, a "I'm going to need a mop, a tarp, and two buckets of sanitizer" kinky. It just made watching Blues Clues a lot more entertaining. I think I'm going to cling to that idea like the rural vote clings to guns & religion.

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A close friend met Steve when he was touring for Songs For Dustmites and somehow ended up with his number in her phone. When she pocket dials it's usually either me or him: "Oh hey... What? Crap... Well, thank god I didn't pocket dial Steve again, I really need to take that dude's number out of my phone talk about awkward conversations..."
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Hey now. No Joe hate. I actually know Joe a little bit and he's one of the nicest guys you could meet. Talented actor, too.
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Where's the video that goes with this?
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Yeah, you've gotta feel sorry for Joe - "Here's a job for you. The good news is, you'll be seen by millions of people, children and their parents. You'll do your part to start the educational process for a generation. And you're going to have a lot of fun.

The bad news is that of the millions of people who see you, NO ONE will think you compare to the last guy who did it."
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My kid was in the target demo when Steve was hosting, and I found that Blue's Clues videos were one of the rarer shows that I could be as entertained as my kid was. (I also liked when George Carlin was the conductor in Thomas the Tank Engine) Steve was an excellent "interact through the screen" actor, and Blue's Clues was genuinely fun. I mean, talking soap and salt and pepper shakers? It reminded me of South Park, too, in the most innocent way possible.

I remember hearing about his retirement and subsequent music, and smiled and left it there.

This was an excellent way to visit an old virtual friend. He's a good storyteller. And that story swerved around pretty well. Thanks for this!

but yeah i cringed when he said "froke," and then repeated it.
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That was dramatic and funny. Really enjoyed it.
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This link doesn't work for me. :(
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I like all the nerds inside his head
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I don't get the hate or the comparisons. I thought the transition from Steve to Joe was great. They're both great.
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