"Engagement, escape, engagement, escape."
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"In the making of character, I feel completely happy. [...] I get two innocent people into a Hitchcockian muddle and make them fight their way out. But from scene to scene, they have to lead me. [...] To me, that is the whole of life. I can’t put it differently." Today's Democracy Now! features an extended interview with John le Carré on topics from Tony Blair, geopolitics, and money laundering to the novelist's life and work.
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I can't wait to listen to this. I love le Carré and am so looking forward to this. I have to say, however, that, beginning with The Constant Gardner, everything he's written has been more overtly political and terribly sad. Such wonderful books.

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I really enjoyed listening to this, thanks. Not sure if its still fair to say since he is widely acclaimed as a writer, not just a spy writer, but Le Carre is highly under-rated. A very talented and thoughtful man.
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I also enjoyed the bbc interview previously featured here about the state of civil liberties in the Coalition
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Thanks very much for this; I think I value David Cornwell's interviews and views more than his works, so moral and thoughtful and eloquent. I wish he would appear in the US media more often, I'm sad to hear that this is his last such interview.
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It seems there are still no grounds for complaining that Amy Goodman and co. are off-puttingly slick...
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There was also a very interesting interview with John Le Carré and Eleanor Wachtel on CBC yesterday.
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> I'm not sure I understand this statement. Goodman is pretty slick, I guess, but off-puttingly so?

Actually, I was commenting, in a roundabout way, on how puppy-dog earnest and also oddly clumsy and not-ready-for-primetime she seems; in this footage, she and her sidekick seem as though they were quite unprepared to go on camera, as though they were busy dredging into files and, Ho, What's This? We Have to Go On TV? Wait, Wait, I Need to Find My Notes...
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