A Piece for Tape Recorder, 1956
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Ussachevsky early tape manipulation piece Despite some of the synthesis sounding "dated", this and other similar pieces are still so full of audible discovery. You can find more of this and other instrumentation types here...
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I'm not 100%, but I think Boards of Canada may have sampled that opening riff (?) in one of their songs. Anyway, very interesting, thanks.
posted by Bookhouse at 4:11 PM on October 25, 2010

Love it.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 4:18 PM on October 25, 2010

Bookhouse - Yeah, I felt like there were def bits (no pun intended) that sounded VERY familiar from modern electronica.
posted by somnambulist at 4:21 PM on October 25, 2010

It sounded both like moments of Boards of Canada and some Wagon Christ (Luke Vibert).
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Sounded like everything I like. As if Morton Subotnik met Earth in a bar and decided to jam. Awesome find, cheers.
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Yeah, I really enjoyed that piece a lot. Thanks, somnambulist.
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My cat bit me at around 1:20, rolled onto his back, and then started trying to physically enter my computer speaker at about the 2:30 mark. So thanks.
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I dragged around the mixer he built for this for years, but somehow after 4 or 5 moves, I lost it. I also had his reverb plate, but I didn't lose that, it was too big and heavy.
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I have a folder on my drive called "Early Electro-acoustic, musique concrete and tape music" that is like 100 CDs full.
I love this stuff, and I've been collecting it since I was a kid.
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