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I really enjoyed (well, in a sad way) reading this one over a frozen dinner; thank you.
posted by Zephyrial at 3:59 PM on October 25, 2010

I read a couple of these and I quite liked them. But I don't recommend reading this one while eating dinner. Learn from my mistake!
posted by duvatney at 4:08 PM on October 25, 2010

You had me at Sister Todd...
posted by nickrussell at 4:22 PM on October 25, 2010 [2 favorites]

It smells faintly like cynicism; but haven't we all been tempted to dive headfirst into the tracks, right before the oncoming train? They lie there dormant and mean, like the fire alarm you wanted to pull on the way to gym class in sixth grade, like the crush you wanted to lean over and kiss during easily shattered glass-swan moments. You'll never jump, pull, kiss. These things are designed to tempt us, to tease us along.

I love this.
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She's very talented.
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What! Ack. This is me. Hi?
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Um. Hi!!

So I found when I was, like, a tiny fledgling human being (middle school) and there were all those quizzes and I took, like, all of them even though most of them were things like "what kind of ex are you" and I'd never dated anyone and so none of them were applicable to my life. And then I found the stories and got TOTALLY ENTRANCED. I think I annoyed my mom by reading them all instead of hurrying to get ready to go with them to dinner once?

also I think maybe there was an advice column that maybe was answered by an ostrich? it was a long time ago
posted by NoraReed at 7:15 PM on October 25, 2010 [1 favorite]

That's the way most people found it. The advice column was written in the voice of an alligator by my friend. I'm glad you liked the site! I was reading metafilter and I saw my name and thought the world was playing a joke on me.
posted by millipede at 7:42 PM on October 25, 2010 [2 favorites]

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