Listening and dancing to music is awesome!
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12 Great Musical Performances from Yo Gabba Gabba

Every single one is worth a watch, but the Aquabats and Hot Hot Heat kill it especially, while Jimmy Eat World perfect the music video.

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dat's awesome.
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No "Watch Us Work It" by DEVO? For shame.
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That DEVO clip blew my mind. How much fun was that?
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Unfortunately, I don't have to click on the link. Each one of the performances is burned into my skull, as I've seen each at least 50 times (no hyperbole, there). And, I bet, if I asked my 2 year old if she wants to watch "Dabba Dabba," she'll squeal and bounce around until I put it up on the DVR.
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The Aquabats are one of those bands where I feel sometimes it's impolite to mention them in polite conversation, despite the fact that I have all their albums and know almost every lyric by heart. They're a secret code name band for people who listen to fun music and might still one day join my Super Hero Club.
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The performances are great, but there's a lot of non-performances that still use awesome music. For instance, Black Moth Super Rainbow's 'Bugs' (video isn't from the Yo Gabba Gabba segment). Actually, the entire Bugs episode was amazing, topped off with Rivers Cuomo dressed up in a pretty ridiculous bug costume for their performance.

Oh, and the "Let's Dance" segment. I could watch that on repeat at least ten times a day.
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So, a story about my love for Yo Gabba Gabba. I'm a 26 year old guy with no kids, so ostensibly, this show should be completely off of my radar.

My wife and I were over at a friend's house. She and her husband have a two year old girl. The husband goes, "Man, you have to see this show. It's the most tripped out thing ever. I think I have more fun watching it than she does."

He puts on the Jack Black episode, and I'm enthralled. This is amazing. It's like this show is indiscriminately button mashing my nostalgia, music, and bright colors buttons over and over.

And that's how Yo Gabba Gabba got series recording status on my DVR.
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My favorite is Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.
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See also: Paul Williams singing his Rainbow Connection
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Another good one that I didn't see in the link: "Brush Brush Brush" by Of Montreal.
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I could kind of deal with Yo Gabba Gabba... the first seventeen times. Now... I see DJ Lance Rock opening the boombox and my soul starts screeching inside my chest and my brain takes a pre-emptive strike to turn into goo and ooze right out of my ears.

The musical numbers aren't too bad, I currently have the Aquabats stuck in my head right now. IT WAS A POOL PARTY FOR EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD!

(My favorite though is You Can't Always Get What You Want. AND IT WON'T HELP IF YOU KEEP ON ASKING.)
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So I've seen this show on the sat guide as I'm surfing channels but I never checked it out. What relationship does it have to Chic-a-go-go. Complete ripoff? Divine inspriation?
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I'm a fan of creative kid's TV. I should love this show. And the musical numbers are nice. But it just...tries too hard, I guess?

Also, I can't stop being disturbed by the girl character (only one? It's unclear) being a) pink b) shaped like a turnip. And the guy shaped like a sex toy.

Thankfully, my son never got into this show, so I can safely avoid it.

All that said, thanks randomyahoo for the link, because I do kind of dig the "123456" number.
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Ironically, my kid is watching YGG while I'm on MetaFilter. The Aquabats' BANANA is on.
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We gotta jump, shake, shimmy them out.

Let's get the sillies out.
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Oh man, I dug a bunch of these, especially I'm from Barcelona. That one I watched twice, exactly in the manner of a three year old. Successful! Maybe they shouldn't have picked Hot Hot Heat to sing about the outdoors though. In that video they appeared rather appalled to be touching grass and trees.
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They're a secret code name band for people who listen to fun music and might still one day join my Super Hero Club.

No doubt, Rory. I used to work at a music store, and the Aquabats were the one band that I could recommend to both the teenage punks and the parents with five-year-olds.
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Also, I can't stop being disturbed by the girl character (only one? It's unclear) being a) pink b) shaped like a turnip.

Toodee (the blue one) is also female.
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Awww, Weird Al!

Yo Gabba Gabba seems to have the real old Sesame Street creative spirit, in a way that Sesame Street hasn't always had in the past twenty years, although I understand it's getting better.
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The Roots song always gets stuck in my head. Thanks for the post. I'm happy to have a convenient link for mutually enjoyable web watching with The Moo.

Anyone seen the live show? I've heard surprisingly good things but it's expensive.
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dchrssyr - The Roots song is my absolute favorite. We took the kids to see it about a month ago. Mates of State were there and played their song. Biz Markie was there for Biz's Beat of the Day and called kids up from the audience to beatbox. There were baloons, confetti, and they gave out DJ Lance glasses (well, cardboard ones). It was expensive and unfortunately, short. Like... an hour, hour and a quarter total. but they packed lots of awesomeness in. Verdict - completely worth it.
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I like the clips I've watched, but wow, as an old lady with no kids, I think I'd need drugs to watch that show. I imagine it would make more sense if I were stoned to the gills on Nyquil.
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My one-year-old dances like a maniac to this show. YGG and old Sesame Streets via Sprout-on-demand are the only thing she'll watch parts of while tossing the contents of her toy basket about the living room. (Well, that and Alton Brown, which is really a kid's show at heart, and sometimes baseball. I think she's mesmerized by the shots of the crowds in the stands.)

I love the Aquabats, but I've always been a little let down they decided to ditch their brass section to be more like Devo - they had the potential to grow the full-band Ska sound into something genuinely new. I have the long instrumental section of "The Cat with Two Heads" as my ringtone.
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If you're looking for more wacky guest appearances based around music, check out the Dancey Dance clips. For example, Elijah Wood does the Puppet Master.
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Having listened to the original version of Pool Party more times than I should admit, the censored version is kind of weird.
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Ok, the remixed for kids version. Censored is too strong a word.
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The November 5 Flaming Lips performance made me unimaginably happy. Had it aired before the linked article was published, it should have made the list.

You should all bow before DJ Lance.
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How have I never heard the Aquabats before now? It's the same awesomeness as the Planet Smashers but more.

Not part of the music feature of the show, but I love it: Pick it up!
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