Magazine 60
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'60s medley from French elecro-synth band Magazine 60, probably most famous for their 1985 hit Don Quichotte.
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No no n-no n-no, Señor.
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It's like Stars on 45 all over again!
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Hey, wait a minute. That video is sexist!
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Cool! This medley never crossed my radar back in the day.

My favorite DJ mix is on a metal cassette recorded in 1996 at a dance club in Chicago. Don Quichotte is the last track on the first side. It's odd to hear the song start to finish--I've only known the version that seamlessly crossfades over from Liaisons Dangereuses' Los Ninos Del Parque, plays for 60 seconds, then cuts to the scrape of tape leader and the soft click of the tape deck reversing to side 2.

Incidentally, Jean-Luc Drion and Dominique Régiacorte (the two gents in the group) co-wrote's I Got It From My Mama. Uh-huh.
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French maid outfit, power posture phallic guitar playing and magnificent mullets - how did this trio escape my notice?
"Jean Luc seemed crude, in a dirty fingernail way,…" [via] a wonderfully deep synth-pop blog.
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Don Quichotte is crazy catchy.
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