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Whisperlude, a new song based on Alfonso Cuarón’s 1995 Academy Award-nominated retelling of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess. (from Pogo, a Metafilter favorite previously posted here, here, and here)
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Lovely movie, lovely song, lovely video. Pogo gets better at what he does every time. This one is clearly a step up in video editing, and I like the pacing more, as well.

Sigh. That movie always makes me sob my eyes out. And gave me a lifelong obsession with hair bows.
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I usually (regrettably) find myself unable to enjoy music that I don't understand, and yet somehow every Pogo creation I watch/listen to breaks down this barrier and really hits me at the core.
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Boy I sure do adore cut up vocals.

I think like the textures and ... synesthesia of Alice better, but maybe it's just that that's the first of Pogo's work I've seen/heard. Either way, this is thoroughly delightful.
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