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Wishery a new song based on Snow White, from Pogo (previously 1 2 3)
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Touches of Art of Noise and d'n'b in there. Worth it for the cameo at the very end. Nice.
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The music's OK (not as good as some of the older pieces), but the real treat is the video, especially in HD. I watched Snow White when I was a kid, but I never appreciated how lush and painterly the animation is.
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It never ceases to amuse me that Disney is in a relationship with someone who's youtube name is Faggotron.
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I was going to comment with pride about how I made it to the 1 minute mark, but then I had to watch the whole thing because of Blazecock Pileon's comment above. No sir, it's still not worth it!

I am going to ask this in all some people find the music to be pleasing, or is it due to the technical aspects of "remixing" this that's neat?

I do this this is why there should be more reasonable fair use of samples and images.
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Well, being a huge Art Of Noise fan, I really like experimental sound collages which also happen to be coherent "songs". And this certainly has a bit of AON going on in it.

I don't think I'd actually seek this particular piece out for my iTunes library or anything, but I think it's not an ugly song and can understand that it might appeal to some on a more casual basis than it does for me.

This particular example is clever for the limitations placed on it -- using only sounds from a single film. They've chosen wisely because that movie in particular is musically rich, so there is a lot of good stuff to choose from.

Thanks for posting. It was fun to watch.
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I am going to ask this in all some people find the music to be pleasing

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What (Arsenio) Hall and (Warren) Oates said. Taken on its own without the animation, I wouldn't call it the best example of it's type or anything, but it's not offensive.
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This is "experimental" in the same sense that putting salt in the water I boil my noodles in is "chemistry".
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I am going to ask this in all some people find the music to be pleasing

Very, very much so.
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The songs of his I like tend to be ones related to movies that I've recently enjoyed (i.e. UP), or especially to ones I look back upon with some kind of nostalgia (e.g. Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and now Snow White). It's a new way of looking at something you already enjoy; he takes something familiar and shows you something new.

The ones tied to shows or movies I don't care for are pleasant enough, but I've never listened to any of them twice and I mean...well I'll just admit it...Upular is my ringtone. There.
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Another song inspired by I'm Wishing from Snow White is the Beatles, Do You Want to Know a Secret?
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I still find it amazing, considering the quality, that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first full length cel-animated movie ever made, yet it still holds its own in comparison to anything made today.
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Yeah, there was an HD broadcast of Snow White on some channel earlier this year that I sat down and watched, and it was stunning. The depth and texture of the backgrounds, the really insane dedication to detail in every frame, even the brush strokes in the outlines on the cells... they were all really crystal clear, and the film was mesmerizing.

If there's any Disney property that should receive a full restoration (if necessary) and a quality re-release to theaters, I'd nominate Snow White.
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THAT is animation.
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Another take on Snow White (nsfw): Sonne
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"I'm Wishing" by Moreno +2 is quite lovely, saccharine video notwithstanding.
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Another take on Snow White: Adorno, Minima Moralia #78.
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concerning the animation:

I was talking to some animation students a while ago and Fantasia came up. it came up as the last time Disney animation was any good. I say, what what NO! LITTLE MERMAID! LILO AND STICH" Oh they're not all winner but c'mon.

She composed herself. No not that they weren't good movies or good stories or not well done. She said look at the animation itself. There is a moment in The Sorcerer's Apprentice when Mickey is flipping through the book and he quickly, in a half-second, licks his thumb to turn the pages. It's so fast that it must have been put there to appease the tireless animators who would want something else to draw cause a half-second to them equals weeks and weeks of work. In a more modern movie, even if it was 2-D and hand done, that flipping sequence would be smoothed over and automated.
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I was skeptical, because I have really no interest in Disney whatsoever, but I thought the song was very good, conceptual aspect aside.
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Gardyn, for his mum.
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Pogo's remix of _Alice_ is sublime, enligthened, and mellifluous This one is technical, cacaphonous, and brutal.
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Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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