Waterfall of Topical Gems
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WitStream is your 24-hour live comedy ticker. An endless flow of up-to-the-minute comedy and commentary delivered to you in real time.

Chief Content Officer: Michael Ian Black
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In my experience "Michael Ian Black" and "comedy" are not necessarily reliably conjoined objects, but to each their own.
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Its uncool for people to make jokes about Bristol Palin's weight. She's not fat, she's dumb. And has poison in her DNA. And is fat.
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I was going to defend MIB, but I was underwhelmed. Except for the genie one, and that was because of the #knowyourrights tag.

And then I read the first one from some random guy, and I smirked.

In short: thanks!
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Wasn't this already tried?
"I'll be beaming out eleven watts of wackiness! Hour after hour of unscripted, unrehearsed comedy. Featuring...uh...uh... Professor Gas Can! And, uh, former President Ike Eisenhower! Let's get busy!"
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I can't believe I didn't post this. Been lovin' on witstream for awhile now.
Most of the tweets are pretty funny, but the "Black List" is a well-done cream of the crop list in my opinion. But just the livefeed is great because if you didn't laugh at the latest tweet, another is coming in a few seconds.
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