The Edges of Society
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Nightscapes by photographer Anthony Kurtz. Other albums include "So Close to Never Happening", "American Protests 2003-2010", "India: Beautiful Struggle", "iReality", "Hip Hop Elements", "Ministry of Truth".

About the Photographer:

"My work often focuses on marginalization and alienation. I document people and places that exist on the edges of society, sometimes physically, mentally or both: excluded by choice or by circumstances.

Concurrently, I am interested in control and conformity and I try to present both of these aspects within a photograph. In a time of consistent turmoil, I feel a need to document my generation and question our deeply rooted ideas of democracy, security and progress.

Visually reminiscent of cinematic stills and graphic novels, I attempt to create a sort of hyper-reality that contains a sense of mystery and sadness, yet contains hope and beauty. "
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Gorgeous. I need better glass, obviously.

And a full frame canon body.
And a full frame canon body modified for near IR.
And a set of IR-triggered remote flashes with optional IR filters.
And a complete underwater enclosure.
And a full compliment of scuba gear.
And a boat.
And a million dollars.
And a Genie.

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These are pretty lovely. Some of them are a bit too nuts with the old hdr for me, but still very nice.
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Interesting that the lettering style of the helmet with 666 on it (American Protests link, 4th image, top row) is very different from the one next to it. The numbers follow a a different curve and have different spacing, and where the number is duplicated in smaller form on the back of the other, it is not duplicated on the back of the 666 helmet. The brightness and reflectivity of the 666 also differs substantially; the 666 seems, to put it bluntly, unreal compared to its neighbor. Perhaps the law enforcement body involved has more than one system of numbering otherwise identical helmets. Or perhaps, y'know, it's 'shopped.
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Marginal: Photography in Motion photography and music by Anthony Kurtz. Can be viewed in HD
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Doesn't do much for me. I look at this it reminds me of every budding photographer I know. The work is loaded with art student photo cliches. Empty parking lots, abandoned shopping cart, suburbs at night, boring protest photos (sorry but I am jaded), photos of homeless dudes, and all done with the wonderful hazy look of HDR.

One thing he is good at that I will give him credit for is marketing. He is getting clicks and from the looks of things he is getting work, so good for him.
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