"In a mass marketing culture a revolutionary song is any song you choose to sing yourself." - Utah Phillips
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Full Utah Phillips concert from 2007: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. If you don't know who Utah Phillips is, be prepared to meet one of the great performers of our age, telling funny stories and cracking jokes, singing great songs, and generally being a world treasure. If you want to know more about this great singer, songwriter, and peace and labor activist, you can watch an hour long documentary on him from Democracy Now that was made after he passed away in 2008. [previously]
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I was shocked when I found out a year after that he'd died. God do we need him more than ever now.
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Great guy. Heard him in a coffee shop at a college a good long time ago. Was a hobo and very self -effacing
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First time I heard him was paired with Ani DiFranco's music. Loved his bit to university students about being called "our nation's greatest natural resource". That whole "Have you seen what they do to natural resources in this country?!" part - had me in stitches.

But my favorite is his anecdote about going to a diner with his daughter who, embarrassed by his behavior, tells him to "act normal". A waitress corrected her: "Your father is normal; what you mean is average."

Great guy, sorely missed.
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Thank you for these links!
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The real shame is that he ever paired up with Ani DiFranco.
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Saw him in Denver about a year before he died. Gave a performance at a small church. Absolutely fantastic. Brimming over with the spark that made his stories so great. It really did feel like I was in the presence of a legend, one who connected me to an undercurrent of 20th century American history I was never really exposed to in school.
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Threeway Handshake: The real shame is that he ever paired up with Ani DiFranco.

Even if you don't like Ani DiFranco, it introduced a whole generation of folk fans to Utah Phillips. Can't see the harm in that. Personally, I quite like Ani DiFranco as a musician and songwriter.
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Really, Threeway Handshake? I only ever found out about him through her, and I'm glad that I did. Had he not paired up with her, I'm sure a lot of other people like me wouldn't have heard of him either, and that, I think, would be pretty unfortunate.
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So that's what the preview button is for...
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Yeah, seriously Threeway'. If you'd ever seen them together, it wasn't that they were really "paired". When I saw them together, it was just Ani coming out to introduce him, and then she let him do his thing. I think did a couple of songs together, but mostly Ani just sat and smiled at the guy while he did his thing (with that amazing, huge, sexy, genuine, joyous, loving smile). Hopefully this doesn't turn into a what's-wrong-with-Ani discussion, though. Utah was just as genuine & loving as Ani, from what I got to see. THe world could always use more people like them.

Wish I could think of another you-wouldn't-know-about-this-person-unless-you-knew-about-this-other-person-first pairing, but I can't. Anyone else?
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Ol' Utah's up in Heaven now.
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Count me in amongst those who learned about Utah through the inimitable Ani, but for someone who was raised on Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, this wasn't exactly a huge leap. The news of his death isn't exactly news to me, so it's hard to summon up the proper period-ness for Utah, but suffice it to say that I still vote for Eugene Debs.

On a related note, I plan on running for President of the US in 2012. My platform is that I'll spend at least 4 years shooting pool and scratching my ass.
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Sloth and indolence, eh?
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i had the privlege of meeting him once. he really was a great man,
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Thanks Kattullus. I too found out about Utah via Ani DiFranco. Nothing but love for her here.

Lukenlogs - Pet Shop Boys reintroduced Dusty Springfield.
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Just a quick word of advice -- don't EVER confuse Utah Phillips with Emo Phillips. It will only end in tears.
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confuse Utah Phillips with Emo Phillips...

Have they ever been photographed in the same room together?
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Thank you for the links, Katullus.

If you haven't followed the link to the interview, I highly recommend it - Utah was a well-spoken guy who was the epitome of "the examined life". Thoughtful, funny, and deeply in touch with the human condition. (He has huuuuge bonus points in my book, because he was a real union man. He knew, and understood, the history of the American Labor movement and why it's important.)
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This guy's new to me. What a character. Great stuff. Thank, K.
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Marisa stpt is right--Natural Resources is a hilarious story.
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Good though.
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He once had to bring electricity lines to the Navajo. He even would hook up their outhouses. He was one of the first to wire a head for a reservation.

Moose Turd Pie!

It's good, though.
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I saw him a few times in the '70's. At the time, he hailed from "God Damned Spokane," so he made it around the PNW fairly often.

Also at this time, the Oregon tax form had a "check off for arts" on it, which donated a dollar which would then be put in a fund to purportedly support arts in the state.

He riffed on that until he arrived at "jerk off for the arts" and mused whether that would ever make it on the tax forms.
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So happy. He is one of the best teachers I ever had. I am so thankful I got to tell him so.
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"I Can't Believe it's Not Jesus."
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Today a family member was feeling stressed about life and the holidays and school stuff and needed cheering up. So I told the egg-sitting horse joke and that worked its stress-relieving charm. Utah Phillips, a force for good after he has passed. If that isn't the very definition of a saint, I don't know what is.
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