Beyond the Real Life
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Beyond the Real Life is a World of Warcraft fan movie, blending live action and special effects with in-game footage. The follow-up to a 2006 short called The Edge of Real Life, Beyond the Real Life tells the story of Tank the warrior and Bubbleballs the paladin on a quest to save Tank's love interest after she is kidnapped by a Horde mage. The acting and writing aren't in danger of winning any awards, but the mix of machinima and live action is very well done, and there are some pretty good gags in there, both WoW-related and otherwise. (via RPS)
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Alas, I finally get around to registering a new account to retire The Pusher Robot, and then I go and finally find something new to post before the new user waiting period is up.
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That was brilliantly executed. You were right about the writing and acting, but there were a couple of times I genuinely laughed. The machinima-real-life mashup was much, much better than I anticipated, both in quality and in concept. The WoW news was a nice touch, too.
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Lots of laughs, hate the singing, but that's just me.

Bravo. :)
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I don't play WoW but that was pretty awesome.
posted by XMLicious at 7:03 AM on December 17, 2010

I do play WoW and that was pretty awesome.
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