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Vision Machine by Greg Pak, a free comic about the not-so-distant future.
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After reading the first issue, I am absolutely hooked. That 'not-so-distant future' this series posits is dramatically closer than we think. Thanks for the link.
posted by chicofly at 3:27 AM on December 17, 2010

I actually think his timeline is way too conservative. I can't even start to imagine what the world will be like in 2061. But "our world + fancy glasses" it won't be.
posted by cthuljew at 3:35 AM on December 17, 2010

At first glance, the premise seems quite similar to NAWLZ (previously), but this looks like it's going in a very different direction.
posted by lucidium at 5:07 AM on December 17, 2010 [1 favorite]

Aaaannnd.. the end of part one was exactly what I thought it would be. Still, well drawn and written.
posted by Old'n'Busted at 5:17 AM on December 17, 2010

This is great. The flash comic reader at Comixology is nice, too.
posted by joedan at 12:53 PM on December 17, 2010

Holy crap, this is amazing. I'm with cthuljew, this timeline is waaaaay too long -- we'll be at this point in twenty years. The pieces are all in place.
posted by fake at 9:31 AM on December 18, 2010

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