Heidecker & Wood Christmas Suite
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Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric and Davin Wood (composer on "Awesome Show, Great Job!") are going to release an album as Heidecker & Wood. It includes an eight minute Christmas suite that they just released for free. It straddles the line between parody and nostalgic tribute kinda amazingly.
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I like it. For some reason, it reminds me of Foetus.
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This is so awesome.

Can anyone make out some lyrics for me:

"Shiny, shiny, shiny like a choo-choo
Shining down on me and you
Shining like a ____________
Shining like a ____________"

What are they saying there?
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I guess I have to give up on my dream of a Tim Heidecker Masterpiece reunion. The Christmas song is pretty neat. It'd be something if Adult Swim nation embraced the prog.
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This song is pretty great.

I do a mixtape CD of holiday tunes every year, drawing from a ridiculous trove of Xmas albums I snagged online a few years back, plus looking for "best of the best" new albums.

This will go nicely on next year's mix, probably about 2/3 of the way through the playlist, serving as a transition into the finale section. Great piece. Thanks for posting.
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I never really understood their show. I recently was roped into watching the 'crimbus' special, and no I didn't get that either.
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Shining like a truth? I can't make out the first one. Also, I'm upgrading this thing to ridiculawesome. Damn.
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I never really understood their show.

It's quite possibly the most misanthropic TV show ever produced. Once you get over that it's pretty funny.

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This is fantastic because they're so good at pulling apart tropes and cliches of music, Christmas and lyrical sentiments that they can then make it into a song which doesn't actually sound half bad.
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Still my favorite Tim & Eric skit.
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Shining like a bipbopterough
Shining like a truuutthhhh
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I agree, mister-m. I don't get them, either. There must be something there, because people whose taste and opinions I respect seem to enjoy the show. But there's a kind of cold-heartedness to their absurdity that I find off-putting. They make me feel like they're deliberately not letting me in on the joke, and I guess that's quite a comedic feat when I stop to think about it, but it doesn't strike me as all that funny, just unsettling. Maybe that's the joke. Oh well. Glad they make others laugh and that there's plenty of funny for me to find elsewhere.
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No. No god no. Unfunny. No. No.
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The site appears to be down! Here's a link to download the MP3.
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I only lasted 3 minutes.
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This just came on the radio and it's stupendously bad. Brilliant parody though - I thought it was maybe one of Cat Stevens' later works.
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