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david icke told me that the leaders of the world are actually humbugs, with vaguely reptilian skin - it's all part of the war on christmas
posted by pyramid termite at 5:16 PM on December 24, 2010

Well, that explains a lot.
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 5:28 PM on December 24, 2010

What Santa really needs is a nemesis. I pick me!
posted by cjorgensen at 5:48 PM on December 24, 2010

On further reflection I decline the honor as it's a bad idea. Sure, it would make Christmas more exciting at first, but around year 6 I'd be written right out of the holiday and it would limp along sucking for years to come.
posted by cjorgensen at 5:55 PM on December 24, 2010

This still doesn't explain why Santa gives the poor kids the shit end of the stick.
posted by MaryDellamorte at 6:04 PM on December 24, 2010

Because Santa's mind-reading powers are blocked by the all lead paint in tenement buildings.
posted by empath at 6:16 PM on December 24, 2010 [1 favorite]

You would not believe the lies they are spreading over at history.com on this very topic.
posted by ServSci at 7:06 PM on December 24, 2010 [1 favorite]

"As his prominence grew, Sinter Klaas was described as everything from a "rascal" with a blue three-cornered hat, red waistcoat, and yellow stockings to a man wearing a broad-brimmed hat and a "huge pair of Flemish trunk hose."

Sinter Klaas in New York
posted by clavdivs at 8:10 PM on December 24, 2010

These short blurbs on the History mobile site are nothing compared to what they have been showing on T.V.!

They left out the ritual comsumption of lutefisk on Christmas Eve by Scandinavians. Dreadful stuff! they left out that not only do little Mexican children get to bash a pinata (loads of fun!), they are visited by the Three Wise Men, who ride camels. Lots of children will swear they heard camel bells in the middle of the night. The Three Wise Men only leave one modest gift per kid, having blown the budget on camel feed, frankincense, myrh and gold.
posted by Katjusa Roquette at 11:52 PM on December 24, 2010

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