Hoffa Hair Found In Car, Body Still Presumably In Giants Stadium
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Hoffa Hair Found In Car, Body Still Presumably In Giants Stadium So, the cops found a hair in a car they thought he was in before. Now, with DNA testing, they can prove Hoffa was "taking a ride" with Charles (Chuckie) O'Brien the last day he was alive. Film at 11.
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I've never quite understood why people believe he's permanently installed in New Jersey, when he was obviously killed in Michigan. (I do know that it was a psychic or somewhat who led them to do the digging in the Meadowlands.)

Anyway, if they find him, maybe he can get a message to Chandra Levy.
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I think it just made such a irresistable bust on Jersey, along with the turnpike and the Sopranos and the 'what exit?' (which people really do ask you here.btw) I don't think anyone seriously believes Hoffa is under seat 31C

the hair places him in the car, but not in any specific time. If o'briens says 'oh yeah, he might of been in my car before.' then we have the same situation as with Levy. Chandras' DNA may be all over Condit's apartment, but if she was admittedly there, there's not much linking it to foul play. DNA is great, but its not magic.
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the hair places him in the car, but not in any specific time

Go back and read the article more carefully.
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I think a more relevant question is not what the hair proves, but who the hell cares anymore. Between statutes of limitations, the decline of both the Hoffa family and Italian organized crime in the Northeast, and the fact that most kids today don't know who Jimmy Hoffa is anyway, I feel like the case has completely lost any relevance it may have once had.

To think that money is still being spent on tracking down the killer of a long dead criminal is slightly distressing.
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a long dead criminal

whose son happens to be a major union figure. no opinion, myself, on whether that's good, bad, or indifferent, just that the Hoffa family is still kicking around.
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chucky will be dead within 4 months. The hoffas are more powerful then ever. Saladin-you are wrong on all counts, and no statue on murder. I care, it is campy news. I care because temsters can go fuck themselves as a whole, but jimmy was trying to do something in the early days. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT KIDS THINK. Dhart, same here, why drive him to Jersey, even in the camo, The FBI thinks it was the Hamtramick dump site.
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being a new jersey native (exit 136), i can safely announce that if hoffa was indeed buried in giants stadium, he'd be in a better section then that one.
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There is no statute of limitations on Murder
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