Dancho Danchev missing in Bulgaria
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High profile cybercrime researcher and blogger Dancho Danchev has been missing since September. Many in the security community fear for his safety, and a recent report (google translate) has placed him in a psychiatric hospital since December 11th. (via)
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Well, we all need to be on the lookout to fight the scourge of mental illness. Try the mirror first.
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I was intrigued when I followed this from slashdot yesterday. I even downloaded the full size images and looked into the wiring and the device he sent zdnet pics of. The pics are of a halogen dimmer switch and some shoddy but unremarkable wiring.

I hope Mr. Danchev makes a full recovery, though some mental illnesses are things you have to manage for the rest of your life. The good news is that he hasn't just disappeared.
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I can tell I came of age before the Cold War ended, because when I hear a Bulgarian who might be inconvenient to the government was placed in a psychiatric hospital, my gut reaction is not that he's mentally ill.

(The wiring thing does sound a bit strange, but still.)
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God, which do you hope more? That he had a schizophrenic break and needed to be institutionalized? Or that the Bulgarian government or organized crime (or both) had him committed under a false claim of mental illness?
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I suppose xtreme paranoia *is* one of the dangers of -enjoying- repeatedly ratting out illicit and dangerous groups of Eastern European cybercriminals. Cuz, we all know, what goes around comes around.
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Old (but good) news: Dancho Danchev has been back since January 21, 2011.
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