Japan is crazy on the internet!
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Megametajapanfilter --feel the fury of 2ch, Japan's largest message board. Not only have bus hijackings (CNN) and group suicides been announced there, but 2ch helped spawn a world of memes and spin-off sites. The likes of pancake bunny (Oolong) and roflcopter have been breeding freely in the English-language mirror-world 2ch would help create. There is the (frequently disgusting and sexual) spin-off image board 4chan (English), which is a legend in its own right, plus many other *chans you'd rather not see. (See also the Japanese Futaba Channel.) Obviously Something Awful goons had their fingers in the 4chan pie.
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Someone of 4chan has the best nick I've ever seen.

"Sorry I'm A Tard"

I now regret every nickname I've ever chosen. Whats the DMCA say on stealing handles.

I love the Nipponese. Clean, dirty, polite, perverted. So repressed but so efficient and functional. And the math skills. Man, why did I have to end up as a hairy loud-mouthed jew. All I got was the dirty perverted dysfunctional part. None of the good stuff.

(And I sweat too much, bet the guy who draws the robotic dog banging the lactating toddler doesn't even get swamp ass in the hottest summer)
posted by PissOnYourParade at 6:46 PM on December 2, 2004

yeoz <3 4chan
posted by yeoz at 7:21 PM on December 2, 2004

I'll never understand the psychology behind dick girls, though.
posted by Kleptophoria! at 7:27 PM on December 2, 2004

This thread should also reference this other post.

Not to say that this is a doublepost by any means, just that this is a superset of the earlier post.
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As an indicator of the quality of the site, the creator of 2ch has said in interviews that the vast majority of the people who use it are complete and utter morons and he doesn't understand why it is so popular.
posted by nightchrome at 8:07 PM on December 2, 2004

I kind of like the cats, myself.
posted by Kleptophoria! at 8:41 PM on December 2, 2004

(Whoa, that was bizarre, there were some posts I saw here when I was previewing my post... that are now gone... what the fuck....)
posted by Kleptophoria! at 8:42 PM on December 2, 2004

4chan doesn't like outsiderzzzzz! *hiss*
posted by Plinko at 8:55 PM on December 2, 2004

I posted a comment after nightchrome that is no longer there. I imagine it was deleted because I posted an inline image. The picture was of Zonu, the ASCII dog that depicts unaccountability, ironically enough.
posted by euphorb at 9:01 PM on December 2, 2004

This Wikipedia article and associated category has quite a bit of information... oh while those links are fairly tame don't most of the stuff here is very NSFW.
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As Kibo once said:

Pachinko Sexy Reaction:
It's a PACHINKO game. That's dorky!
It's a VIDEO pachinko game. That's dorkier!
It's a STRIP video pachinko game. That's dorkiest!
It's a CARTOON strip video pachinko game. That's ur-dorky!
It's a cartoon strip video pachinko game featuring underage girls in their school uniforms. That's JAPANESE!

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"..The hijackers motives were unknown, although some speculate he became enraged after missing out on getting the 1000th post in a thread on 2 Channel..."

Shit. Keep an eye on this guy.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 10:39 PM on December 2, 2004

Ok so looking through the various categories of 2chan was ok, and yielded a picture of a woman riding a giant cat, which was kind of awesome. And then there was a part that had real pictures of real children.

Not cool.
posted by kavasa at 10:39 PM on December 2, 2004

Note that some of the stuff at some of these sites strikes me as incredibly offensive. So I'd like to stress that this isn't me pimping some cool links I found. It's more of a curiosity thing. There are some interesting elements to all of these sites, but there's also some seriously fucked up shit.

And yeah, Wikipedia always has lots of information on bizarre obscure nerd shit like this. Iiiiinteresting. That's what you get from an online-only encyclopedia, really.
posted by Kleptophoria! at 11:14 PM on December 2, 2004

On the one hand, I always appreciate the interest in Japan, as it is my home culture and it's nice to have other people interested in Japan.

On the other hand, the Internet facilitates the dissemination of the most obscure and niche aspects of Japanese "culture" (which can be found in many other cultures, in different forms) and so I always wince when these strange stereotypes of Japan are reinforced with this kind of thing.

2ch users are really a tiny fraction of Japanese Internet users.
posted by gen at 11:47 PM on December 2, 2004

gen: the only parts of Japanese culture that most North Americans ever seem to hear/care about are the freakiest ones. It's almost funny watching them spiral downward when they are fresh off the plane.
posted by nightchrome at 12:28 AM on December 3, 2004

(*´?`*)l \? l \?

Wow. Thanks Wilkepedia. That has to be the funniest "kaomoji" (hey I learned a new word) I've EVER seen.

Too bad I can't read the board until Moji updates to FF 1.0.
posted by GooseOnTheLoose at 3:23 AM on December 3, 2004

Kleptophoria!, as I understand it, dick girls are perceived as less scary than dick guys. In other words, you want the dick but you can't stand the guy that goes with it.
All seems a little repressed to me, but there you have it.
posted by sour cream at 5:11 AM on December 3, 2004

Another possibility re: dick girls.

* Big boobs are sexy.
* Big dicks are sexy.
* If it's fantasy, why not have as much of the sexy as possible?
posted by soyjoy at 10:03 PM on December 4, 2004

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