March 5, 2001
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Separated at birth? Michael Jackson and Lon Chaney. (Good heavens! Michael, what have you done to yourself?)
posted by Steven Den Beste (17 comments total)
Note: The picture of Jackson was on Yahoo/News, but they generally only retain things for 2 weeks, so I copied it to my own server.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 10:04 PM on March 5, 2001

Geez, all that money...
posted by black8 at 10:25 PM on March 5, 2001

To quote Three Kings, "What is up with Michael Jackson?"
posted by dhartung at 10:38 PM on March 5, 2001

What's amazing to me is how much press his Heal the Kids thing is getting. Considering what a non-starter Heal the World was as a charity, is it really all that Rabbi's (sorry, forgot his name) talent at self-promotion that's getting all this ink?

It's weird seeing Mike on Yahoo's most-emailed list every day; I thought I was the only fan he had left, and even I'm being half-ironic.
posted by anildash at 10:56 PM on March 5, 2001

I just have to express half-amazement and half-frustration and half-curiosity at this picture (wait that's three halves....). I just cannot understand it, and I'm not trying to be mean or horrible. Why doesn't he get it...fixed? Do you think it's impossible? Do you think he is ok with it?
posted by rio at 11:02 PM on March 5, 2001

My armchair celebrity psychoanalysis: Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
posted by frenetic at 12:28 AM on March 6, 2001

He needs to dump Liz and get a new girlfriend to model himself (ahem) after. Streisand?

posted by pracowity at 12:56 AM on March 6, 2001

rabbi boteach (author of kosher sex) is amazing. in an interview recently he said that michael loves children and could never do anything to harm them or to separate them from a "family". then he jumped hoops and avoided all questions about jackson's child molestation charges and recent divorce that left his children without a mother.

while i am a fan of his writings, i think rabbi boteach is in on this "remaking of michael jackson's public image" conspiracy and is getting handsomely paid for it.
posted by tamim at 3:24 AM on March 6, 2001

Oh, something about Rabbi Boteach and L'Chaim. From what I can tell, L'Chaim still hasn't regained its status as an official University Society because of this.

(And I'm really glad not to be in Oxford right now.)
posted by holgate at 5:20 AM on March 6, 2001

> He needs to dump Liz and get a new girlfriend to model
> himself (ahem) after. Streisand?

Dixie Lee Ray

posted by jfuller at 5:25 AM on March 6, 2001

The photo is from the official book launch of 'Confessions of a Rabbi and a Psychic.' And the end of the news story says Jackson will be best man at famed psychic Uri Geller's wedding. Uri Geller?! I can't believe this guy is still around.
posted by quirked at 6:20 AM on March 6, 2001

Those spoons aren't going to bend themselves, you know.
posted by frenetic at 7:25 AM on March 6, 2001

Anyone remember 'The Girl is Mine', that 80's duet with Jackson and McCartney? Have you seen him recently? The song has evolved into two trolls, arguing over lunch..
posted by Perigee at 7:35 AM on March 6, 2001

Sir Paul looks fine for a man who's nearly 60. More to the point, he looks like a real human being, not like something out of a horror movie. (Maybe Jackson should do a remake of Thriller.)

Here's [H]ardOCP's take on that picture. (They're not known for being gentle or diplomatic; their comment was that Jackson should license his visage to ID for use in DOOM3.)
posted by Steven Den Beste at 7:55 AM on March 6, 2001

Well, he is in Ready to Rumble 2, a boxing game on the Dreamcast, so it's not inconceivable that he'd be in a video game....
posted by anildash at 12:51 PM on March 6, 2001

Geez, does someone at Reuters hate Jackson? Either the man has become hideous or someone at Reuters is deliberately trying to pick the most unflattering pictures they can possibly find.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 7:59 AM on March 7, 2001

From the news story - "Michael Jackson made a tearful appeal to the world to introduce a children's bill of rights that would ensure parents read bedtime stories to their sons and daughters and make them feel loved." More evidence that this guy has NO connection to reality.

That 2nd photo is really giving me the creeps!

posted by quirked at 10:03 AM on March 7, 2001

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