February 12, 2019

This Doesn't Have To Be The Limit Of Your Imagination. Dream Bigger.

As 'LeftTube' becomes a thing (Previously) you might've heard of Olly Thorn/Philosophy Tube (Previously heard in the Contrapoints Video "Incels", previously) He has his own channel where he discusses Witchcraft, Marxism, and the history of being anti-feudal and anti-capitalist. (27:25) Systems Of Vulnerability is Why The Left Will Win (12:30) How to Fix the Housing Crisis as a Superhero Battle (20:36) When will Security Go Back To Normal and national systems of control (26:12) What Was Liberalism? (9:47) 2 3 4. Steve Bannon and Neofascism: An Explanation (44:57), drawing heavily on Max Frisch's play the Arsonists/The Firebugs.
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Thirsty for Science

I raced a T. Rex so you don't have to. Dustin Growick loves dinosaurs, museums and running around shirtless. In this YouTube cinematic feat, he runs a theoretical race against a T. Rex, amongst other important Science.
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It Does Not Follow

"Non Sequitur" artist Wiley Miller included an "Easter Egg" in the Sunday, February 10th comic strip. Many of the 700+ newspapers that carry the syndicated strip were not pleased.
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That's UNtertainment

The mission of National Poo Museum on the Isle of Wight is "to lift the lid on the secret world of poo - to examine our relationship with it and to change forever the way we think about this amazing substance." Northern Italy's Shit Museum uses cow poop to generate electricity and heat. Yokohama's Unko Museum, however, is about adorable poo. [more inside]
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Austerity cheese and a death in the Dales

"Real Wensleydale cheese died in the early 1940s." How? Why? Garius explains in this Twitter thread (unrolled on Thread reader). Let's talk about Wensleydale. [more inside]
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It's been ________ since I __________.

Time Since Launch is a web site that allows you to commemorate THIS moment in time, when this moment in time marks a significant moment in your life. Use it when you've gotten married, given birth, quit smoking, stopped eating sugar, made a conscious effort to push hate from your heart, or decided from this very second to fill every moment of your life with purpose. It'll provide you with a unique URL to visit in the future to see how many days | hours | minutes | seconds have passed since your moment. Want something more permanent and decorative to mark the occasion? The creators sell a single-use physical version to hang on your wall as a constant reminder.
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"Things are acting very strangely at high latitude."

Magnetic north was formally redesignated ahead of schedule. Here's what that means. The foundation of many navigation systems, the World Magnetic Model finally got a much-needed update with the end of the U.S. government shutdown. (National Geographic). The geomagnetic poles "wander," which isn't news (National Centers for Environmental Information), but recently it was recognized that Earth’s northern magnetic pole is moving quickly away from the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia, which has forced NCEI’s scientists to update the World Magnetic Model (WMM) mid-cycle (NCEI). If you want to see how declination has changed historically, NCEI has a neat online map (may not render properly in all browsers).
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“... I think we can outrun it,”

“Shooting down the slopes as Donkey Kong and recovering from a slight setback, Skilloz_ prepared to claim a new world record for the Star Cup circuit at 200cc speed. As he got closer to the finish line, he started to realize that this could be a world record run. At the same time, he noticed [something incoming]...” [via: Kotaku] [more inside]
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So may I introduce to you/ The act you've known for all these years

So, you're a struggling musician, and you get into an accident after a mysterious power outage; when you wake up, you play "Yesterday" on your guitar, and... no one recognizes it, because no one has ever heard of the Beatles. What do you do? (Hint: rhetorical question.) [more inside]
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Rethinking Animals

Maybe a fish's on-deck thrashing is really a "a silent scream, born of the fish’s belief that it has entered a permanent state of extreme suffering."
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The jokes just write themselves

Reddit users are the least valuable of any social network: With 330 million monthly active users and revenue of about $100 million the company is generating an estimated $0.30 per user, much lower than Twitter ($9.48), Facebook ($7.37), Pinterest ($2.80) and Snap ($2.09).
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someone once told me the real action was in the footnotes

Illuminating Women’s Hidden Contribution to Historical Theoretical Population Genetics [preprint bioRxiv], Samantha Kristin Dung, Andrea López, Ezequiel Lopez Barragan, Rochelle-Jan Reyes, Ricky Thu, Edgar Castellanos, Francisca Catalan, Emilia Huerta-Sánchez and Rori V. Rohlfs, GENETICS February 1, 2019 vol. 211 no. 2 363-366; https://doi.org/10.1534/genetics.118.301277
While productivity in academia is measured through authorship, not all scientific contributors have been recognized as authors. We consider nonauthor “acknowledged programmers” (APs), who developed, ran, and sometimes analyzed the results of computer programs. We identified APs in Theoretical Population Biology articles published between 1970 and 1990, finding that APs were disproportionately women (P = 4.0 × 10−10). We note recurrent APs who contributed to several highly-cited manuscripts. The occurrence of APs decreased over time, corresponding to the masculinization of computer programming and the shift of programming responsibilities to individuals credited as authors. We conclude that, while previously overlooked, historically, women have made substantial contributions to computational biology.
The Women Who Contributed to Science but Were Buried in Footnotes [more inside]
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The Local-Carb Diet

Dedicated Pacific Northwest plant lovers nurture an indigenous food with ancient roots. [more inside]
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The plot of Othello in under five minutes, using clips of stand-up comedian John Mulaney.
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What's Inside your [Desktop] computer Graphics Card? SLYT - 6min 28sec

Animated explanation of your desktop graphics cards components and what each part is designed to do. Use a computer? Game on a PC? Ever wonder how those graphics get so pretty? Let's go inside your high-end graphics card with this animation. [more inside]
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Te tiriti o Waitangi: the comic book

Te Tiriti o Waitangi: the comic book The illustrated story of the Treaty of Waitangi, courtesy of the New Zealand School Journal. [more inside]
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