February 14, 2000

Jerry Lewis pulled an Andy Kaufman

Jerry Lewis pulled an Andy Kaufman at a recent comedy awards Q&A session. When asked about female comics he admires, he answered with "I don't like any female comedians" and went so far as to say that he considers a woman "a producing machine that brings babies in the world." No word yet on whether or not he'll start professional wrestling anytime soon.
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Here's a nice survey of geographic location

Here's a nice survey of geographic location of domain name ownership. I was surprised to see that people in Los Angeles own more domains than San Francisco, but I assume the researcher didn't lump all the Silicon Valley cities together to get that number. I'm sure a "Bay Area" grouping would be number one. Of the .com, .org, and .net addresses, the US still leads the world with 2/3 of all addresses in that domainspace, so I guess the web will continue to be American-centric for some time.
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Indiana University Bans use of Napster

Indiana University Bans use of Napster It appears that Indiana University has banned the use of Napster recently. Apparently it was accounting for 50% of IU's Internet traffic. Officials are sighting bandwidth as the reason for the ban. I wonder how many schools will follow suit this semester.
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Yahoo! is being sued. The plaintiffs claim that Yahoo!'s use of cookies violates Texas anti-stalking laws.
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I knew hard drive storage was cheap, but I didn't think it was that cheap.

I knew hard drive storage was cheap, but I didn't think it was that cheap. Freediskspace.com is offering 300Mb of storage for pretty much anything. They integrate with PCs, Macs, and Linux boxes, in addition to PDAs. That last one I find most curious, because I've never maxed out the storage space on my 2Mb palm pilot before. [thanks bump]
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AOL jumps on the get-rich-quick bandwagon.

AOL jumps on the get-rich-quick bandwagon. "Every time you generate a new member for AOL who stays for 90 days, AOL will pay you $15. Imagine how much extra cash you could make! Make $20,000, $40,000, $80,000, $100,000 - the sky is the limit!" Wow, it almost sounds easier than working...
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An interesting article over at Slashdot on the 9 continents of the Internet. I've always had a sense that there were these different "circles" that people ran in, but I never could quite pin them down. Of course, I'm not sure that they can be pinned down precisely to 9, but I can appreciate the attempt.
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Forget Fezbot (Feb 13th) - now you can try out Linux with a bootable CDROM. DemoLinux.org is making available downloadable disk images that you can burn to a CDR and boot from your CDROM drive. This Mandrake distribution recognized my video card and mouse without any problems (but not my soundcard). A healthy variety of software (like Gimp, Netscape, and Corel WordPerfect) is included.
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Well, the word is out,

Well, the word is out, Windows 2000 ships this Thursday and, with it, approximately 63,000 bugs. The spokespeople are saying:

"All software ships with issues. The difference is (that) no software in the history of Microsoft development has ever been through the incredible, rigorous internal and external testing that Windows 2000 has been through."

While that's great and all, they didn't say they actually fixed the bugs that those 750,000 people found. I certainly won't be switching anytime soon.
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Well, that was quick. Last week Clintion & Reno urge the FBI to go into a full investigation of the DoS attacks of Yahoo, eBay, etc., and they're already suspecting it was German crackers. They don't actually say how or why they suspect them, other than the program used in the attacks might have been German. It'd be nice if they could actually show that the attacks originated from German IP addresses before they start suspecting anyone.
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