March 18, 2021


There were 3800 anti-Asian racist incidents, mostly against women, in the past year. On Tuesday, 8 people were shot dead by a murderer who targeted Asian spa businesses and Asian women in Atlanta. On Wednesday, two elderly Asian people were attacked unprovoked in San Francisco; one of them went viral for turning the tables on her assailant. [more inside]
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Could Trump Be The 1st U.S. President Charged With A Criminal Offense?

...but if Trump did commit crimes of some sort, even if they're kind of, you know, sort of ordinary business crimes, if he did, it's important that there not be a culture of impunity in this country, that there needs to be a message sent that there are consequences, no matter how rich and important you are, if you break the law, and that that message is more important almost than anything else when it comes to protecting democracy.
Could Trump Be The 1st U.S. President Charged With A Criminal Offense? [more inside]
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Making it easier for published scientists to change their names

Science said last month: "Today we are pleased to announce a seamless, discreet procedure that authors can follow to change their names in previously published papers across the Science family of journals. We join multiple other publishers that have adopted similar initiatives, including the American Chemical Society, Public Library of Science, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Wiley. Authors may have occasion to change their names for various reasons, but recent outreach by, and on behalf of, transgender scientists has impressed upon us the importance of respecting authors’ privacy and autonomy in correcting the scientific record."
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In a Zoom meeting you don’t want to be in? This will get you out of it

You can make your connection seem spotty or take your pick of artificial distractions: baby crying, man weeping, or urination. Or a mash-up of all three. A new tool, Zoom Escaper, takes the pressure off your acting and stillness skills. Following a few simple steps, you can sabotage your own audio streams, “making your presence unbearable to others,” according to the description by the developer, Sam Lavigne. It creates fake, noisy background distractions that sound like they’re emanating from your living space. There’d be little realistic recourse on the part of your colleagues other than excusing you from the meeting to shut off the terrible din and deal with the perceived interruption.
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The Cultural Borders of Songs

Mapping #1 Songs in 3000 Cities [Pudding]
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Practical Astronomy

what if the Banana was the same distance as the ISS
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Dick Hoyt, 1940-2021

The Boston Marathon/triathlon legend and one half of Team Hoyt has passed away. Together, Team Hoyt completed 234 triathlons, 67 marathons, and 6 Ironmans. [more inside]
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They paid a secret group of writers...

"Substack has an editorial policy, but no accountability. And they have terms of service, but no enforcement." Annalee Newitz describes Substack as a scam (and a predatory publishing model). They link to Jude Doyle's discussion of the way the platform promotes TERFs.
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Televised Worlds, Part 2: Lands of Dreams and Nightmares

There's an important shiny rock, and the bad guy orders his minions to go get it. Sounds like a normal cartoon, right? But the is The Dreamstone, the gorgeous British animated series set in a full-blown fantasy universe, officially available on YouTube in its entirety (click Playlists to see everything in order). Stick with it after Season 1 - the heroes and villain may become more complacent, but impressively, they gradually improve, the heroes moreso. A miniatures game and a tabletop RPG based on the series are currently in production at Oakbound Studio.
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