July 10, 2022

Love Song to Costco

Yuxi Lin writes an essay for Longreads on Costco, childhood, and the immigrant experience.
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U.S. Election Deniers Are In or Behind Critical Campaigns

In Races to Run Elections, Candidates Are Backed by Key 2020 Deniers -- America First candidates could be competitive in at least four battleground states: Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan. [more inside]
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David Byrne had one big question, though: “What if it had cooler music?”

Contemporary Color [1h37m] is a 2016 documentary music performance of only the kind David Byrne could envision: championship-level color guard / flag corps performances matched with live musical acts like St Vincent, Nelly Furtado, Ad-Rock and others. Here's the trailer [2m8s] if you just want a taste. Here's Rolling Stone loving the project, and Matt Zoller Seitz for RogerEbert.com not so much. [more inside]
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Your Uber is Conniving

Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments, leak reveals [Grauniad] [more inside]
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How is bread formed?

Bret Devereaux (previously, many times) goes on a deep dive into how things were made in pre-modern societies, looking at how grain is farmed and eventually turned into bread, with a particular focus on the people and social structures involved. [more inside]
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"substantial similarity"

An Artist Sued Maurizio Cattelan for Allegedly Copying His Duct-Taped Banana. A Miami Judge Just Allowed the Case to Proceed - United States District Judge Robert N. Scola, Jr. asked: "Did Joe Morford sufficiently allege that Cattelan’s banana infringes his banana?” (Previously)
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