January 19, 2003

The Artist as Everyman

Channel your inner Ansel Adams. Going off of the theory that everyone has at least one great photo in them (as opposed to professional photographers, who should have hundreds), missiouri webizen & amateur photographer Troy DeArmitt has hosted (for the past two years) an annual web based photo contest open to other amateurs only, sponsored out of his own wallet. If the results of this year's contest are any indication, he's right, there are some beautiful photos here.
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Am I Enlightened or Not?

Am I Enlightened or Not? Looking for a Guru to guide towards your true path? Sarlo's Guru ratings can help you find that special spiritual master. Once you've found that special someone, compare his rating with Gurus and Masters throughout history. I'm a bit disapointed that Confucius is only a Two Star guru, while William Shakespeare comes in at Three Stars, just like Jesus.
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Everyday millions of pancakes

Everyday millions of pancakes are led to their violent deaths in the slaughter houses of IHOP. It's about time we raised our collective voices and put a stop to this massacre. Thank you, petition online for raising the bar for humanity.
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Dating is for dinosaurs, now it's Hooking Up

Hookup vs. Dating Seems that the 'hook up' is gaining popularity with girls (it's always been popular with boys) in high school and college these days. More and more women are looking to expend their sexual energy in a manner that they perceive to be safe and committment-free. Why didn't this happen when I was in high school?
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Friends Reunited Oh how lovely to link up with old buddies again, and let them know how well things are going these days! To tell them of the sports cars you're driving, and how it was all made possible through your occupation of selling 'charlie'. Surely no-one will ever find out?
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Autographica The European convention for celebrity signature collectors happened recently. I was once an extra on a film and got people like Robert Carlisle to sign the advert, so I can see why it might become an obsession, what with y'know meeting famous people and all. But what happenes when the hobby become your business?
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