November 14, 2010

You are sitting in your chair, in front of you is a gray tablet that is not glowing.

Love interactive fiction? Love your Kindle? Have no net connection? Why not love them both at the same time offline!
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Build it, and they will float

Hannu builds boats. Not a really unusual thing (though getting rarer as time goes on). However, he concentrates on small, simple, easy to build boats with as little material as possible. Some, like a 18' canoe built from one piece of plywood, are simply amazing.
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"There is Sape only when there is peace."

The Congolese Sape is a photoessay by Héctor Mediaville on Sapeurs, a male subculture in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which is defined by its haute couture clothes. Blogger Eccentric Yoruba wrote a post for steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana on Sapeurs which was crossposted to Racialicious detailing the history of the movement and linking it to dandyism in general and explaining its political significance in the 70s, when it was championed by music legend Papa Wemba (live footage from the 90s and 70s).
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Richard Dawkins reads his hate mail. (SLYT)

"Would you please be so kind as to read some of your hate mail in that adorable British accent?" One of the questions asked of Dawkins in a recent Reddit AMA.
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Doctor of all things, master of none.

“It is my hope that this essay will initiate such a conversation. As for me, I'm planning to retire. I'm tired of helping you make your students look competent.”
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Wibbley wobbley livey wivey.

"On Monday morning, you can tell all your friends at school about this." Matt Smith makes a surprise appearance at the Doctor Who Proms 2010. (SLYT)
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7 UP Un-Deer Commercials from 1970s

Lord of the Universe Do you remember the 7 UP Un-Deer commercials from the 1970s? This website has found audio recordings. "You just think I am sitting here cooling off my hoofies ..... wrong-o". I loved those commercials.
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My dad made one in art school and sure enough I was scared of it

Face jugs are a widely recognized indigenous Southern American style of folk pottery. (Although of course ceramics have been decorated with faces for nearly as long as people have made jugs vaguely in the same shape as heads.) American face jugs are said to have been made deliberately frightening so that they would keep little children away, allowing parents to keep the corn liquor safe in the jug, but there may have been other reasons. The tradition dates at least from the 19th century, and appears to have originated in the work of enslaved African-American potters. [more inside]
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The Acrylic Age of Science Fiction

MANCHU Starships - wonderful old school SF paintings by French illustartor Philippe Bouchet.
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Bark, An Intimate Look at the World's Trees

The World's Most Beautiful Bark (Or: Trees Worth A Closer Look) l Photographer Cedric Pollet travels the world, barking up trees for a living l A little about the photographer l More of the beautiful images from his book and more.
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The Joy of Cycling

The Joy of Cycling, "Unfortunately [Transport for London] didn’t go for our take on the classic 70’s illustrated sex manual."
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Jaimie Mantzel's Giant Robot Project

Jaimie Mantzel has a dream: The Giant Spider Robot Project. First he needed some infrastructure; a Palacial Megadome (with trampoline floor) in the woods, his own hand made road, a Banana Building, and of course his own lumber mill. He also recently started the Adventure Builders Club for anyone else who likes building stuff. Whole lots more videos in his channel. via
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The World's Most-Viewed Image

Facebook needs a facelift. The Pros and Cons of Facebook's Design. A concept redesign by Bruce Mau Design. [more inside]
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You Can't Beat the Axis if You Get VD

Ads that would never be allowed today. Van Heusen, yikes.
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Ted Koppel's critique of blatant bias in cable news

Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the death of real news [more inside]
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"It was frosty and there was a harvest moon."

The Coventry Blitz was seventy years ago today. The German Luftwaffe, in an operation they codenamed "Moonlight Sonata", bombed the city for over eleven hours, killing 600, injuring a thousand, and damaging or destroying over 43,000 homes -- just over half of the existing housing stock. The raid was so devastating that Joseph Goebbels later used the term Coventriert ("Coventrated") to describe a particularly satisfactory level of destruction. [more inside]
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Everyone looks like shit

"You Look Like Shit" The Megacut.
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How would you solve the US deficit?

How would you solve the US deficit? Interactive US national budget calculator from the NYT.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Dude

Tagxedo: tag cloud with styles. Similar concept to Wordle, but with much greater customisation and word control. [more inside]
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12 Fun Hacks for Getting More Out of YouTube Via Mashable All Your Youtube-Hack Needs in 1 Easy Location! 1. TubeReplay. 2. Dragontape. 3. YouTube Doubler. 4. SynchTube. 5. infiniTube. 6. Splicd. 7. TubeChop. 8. YouCube. 9. MixTube. 10. YouFlow. 11. QuieTube. 12. YouTube TestTube. Some tubes have been listed previously.
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