November 14, 2015

Everything must come to an end

Ronda Rousey--arguably the most dominant and recognizable athlete in women's MMA--has been defeated. [more inside]
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The (slow in coming, but very real) return of Mo' Wax

Mo'Wax is a British record label that was formed in 1992 by teenage school friends James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy. The label quickly gained renown for trip-hop, turntablism and other odd beat hip-hop, from the likes of Japanese DJ Krush, Americans Money Mark, Dr. Octagon and DJ Shadow, British Luke Vibert, and their own UNKLE project. The label lasted a solid decade, then petered out as the 2000s wore on. James Lavelle looked back on 21 years of the label (a year late), and is now restarting the label. This effort is being kicked off with releases by a West London artist, Elliot Power. More waxing below the break. [more inside]
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If you were with me you'd suffer.

Why Australia has fallen bizarrely in love with a Chinese dating show
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The more things change . . .

After more than a decade of decline, Baltimore's homicide rate spikes up. Tonight it just broke the 300 mark. [more inside]
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Fencing Senior World Championships Moscow 2015
Star Wars Duel on Fencing Senior World Championships Moscow 2015
FIXED Star Wars Duel on Fencing Senior World Championships Moscow 2015
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Fake it so you can make it

The nihilism behind Nathan Fielder’s real-world marketing success [more inside]
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Literature of the Strange

The 10 Best Genre-Bending Books - PublishersWeekly
20 Strange and Wonderful Books -
10 Ultra-Weird Science Fiction Novels that Became Required Reading - io9
10 Weirdest Science Fiction Novels That You've Never Read - also io9
China Miéville's top 10 weird fiction books - The Guardian
The Weird: An Introduction - Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, Weird Fiction Review
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“We weren’t as great as the greats but we were the best of the rest.”

Oasis songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Noel Gallagher, interviewed by Alex Bilmes for Esquire: “I have an opinion on everything and if I don’t have an opinion, I’ll fucking make one up on the spot.”
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Democratic Debate at Drake University

Tonight at 9 EST Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley will come together for a debate in Iowa at Drake University. [more inside]
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Kink left severity 4

Looking for a new esoteric language to learn? Try rally notes. Learn the symbols or study these sample rally notes. Not esoteric enough? Try the Jemba Inertia Notes System. [more inside]
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When loved ones came for goodbyes, Carey wore sparkly Tom Ford eyeshadow

She wasn’t vain, shallow or in denial. She was just unembarrassed that beauty – along with literature, music and a hundred other things – was part of who she was, and determined that cancer would not erode both her character and her body. In her weekly beauty column for The Guardian today, Sali Hughes writes about her friend, keyboardist for indie band Camera Obscura, and occasional beauty blogger Carey Lander, and the importance of make-up. [more inside]
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Poor sleep may spur college weight gain

As the first semester of the school year reaches the halfway mark, countless college freshmen are becoming aware that their clothes are feeling rather snug. While the so-called freshman 15 may be hyperbole, studies confirm that many students do put on five to 10 pounds during that first year away from home. Now new research suggests that an underlying cause for the weight gain may be the students’ widely vacillating patterns of sleep.
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“What a pity it isn’t illegal.”

" Chinese emperors of the Tang Dynasty liked their ice cream a special way: Fermented buffalo or goat milk was heated, then thickened with flour and seasoned with camphor, which made it flake like snow. For good measure fragments of reptile brain were added, along with an eyeball or two." - "It Ought To Be Called Vice Cream" - Austerity Kitchen on the social and technological history of Ice Cream.
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Sticks and Stones

Donna Pinckley photographs interracial couples and writes the negative comments they have been subjected to underneath
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Everybody needs a thneed

The Kesla 28RH is a machine that turns trees into logs. Very quickly. (SLYT)
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Part ostrich, part velociraptor

Emus vs Humans: The Great Emu War of 1932 Also covered on The Uncyclopedia and EmuGigs [more inside]
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You write funny.

The Writers Guild of America has released their list of The 101 Funniest Screenplays.
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Till Death Do Us Part

RIP actor Warren Mitchell who had significant career on both stage and screen but will always be best remembered for playing the iconic and controversial bigot, Alf Garnett in the British television series Till Death Us Do Part and In Sickness and in Health [more inside]
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Korespondent Julien Bryan

A Polish student of mine tells me they all see this documentary about photographer Julien Bryan in high school. He was an American who was in Warsaw at the beginning of the war. The four-part documentary (which includes his film Siege) is available on YouTube, dubbed into English. [more inside]
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Gene Amdahl 1922 - 2015

As a young computer scientist at International Business Machines Corporation in the early 1960s, he played a crucial role in the development of the System/360 series, the most successful line of mainframe computers in IBM’s history. Its architecture influenced computer design for years to come. Computer pioneer Gene Amdahl has died.
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Why the University of Tennessee has no Homecoming Queen

In 1970, Vince Staten was the humor columnist for the campus newspaper The Daily Beacon. He made a passing joke to David Williams, the news editor, that rumors of Staten's run for homecoming queen were not true. The next day the Beacon featured the headline, "Staten Denies Running for Homecoming Queen." And Staten's un-candidacy took flight from there. [more inside]
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Best Collaboration

MOMOIRO CLOVER Z vs KISS, winner of the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards Japan "Best Collaboration" category.
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Trauma, the Minotaur, the labyrinth

"The underground bad place is always in the present, whether literally or in memory, and it is always about the past." Bernadette Lynn Bosky on underground and secret spaces in Peter Straub’s fiction.
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With Bob & David

Huh, a new show on Netflix. "W/ Bob & David." It's sketch comedy. Wait a second... BOB and DAVID? OMG MR. SHOW IS BACK! Here's a country music video parody from them! [more inside]
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