August 2, 2019

*~ Summer Mix ~ 1999 ~ good vibes only ~*

Go back to twenty years ago with Summer Mix 99 - Hard Knock Life - Hit Me Baby One More Time - No Scrubs - Steal My Sunshine - Miami - Mambo No. 5 - I Want It That Way - All Star - Livin La Vida Loca (Extended: Millennium - I Try - If You Had My Love - Take My Picture - My Name Is - What's My Age Again?)) Charli XCX & Troye Sivan - 1999 [Official Video] - Remember 1999 (Previously)
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Dr. Zee Electroarts

I don't really know how to explain how awesome this website is. It's Web 1.0. It's relevant. It's analog in the digital age. It's Space Jam, it's what u want. [more inside]
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After a certain point it's just patch, patch, patch

"Figuring out how to “get better” at being a woman is a ridiculous and often amoral project – a subset of the larger, equally ridiculous, equally amoral project of learning to get better at life under accelerated capitalism. In these pursuits, most pleasures end up being traps, and every public-facing demand escalates in perpetuity."
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"That has to be addressed…because pain is complicating recovery."

He’d been kept alive with breathing and feeding tubes, and until a month before his birthday party in January 2016, he’d been known only as “Sixty-Six Garage.” That was the name on his hospital bracelet, the name on the door to his room, the name on the sign above his bed, the name the state of California used to pay the nursing home for his care. It’s the name he probably would have been buried with if Ed Kirkpatrick, director of the Villa Coronado Skilled Nursing Facility, hadn’t let me into Room 20 — Garage’s room.

Joanne Faryon in the LA Times: Who is he, and is it possible he's conscious? (via)
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Kind Words

Thousands of people have come together to create the most moving experiences of the year. Kind Words, a game that invites you to write about something that worries you, and other members of the community are encouraged to send you a kind response - all to a lo-fi beat. Watch a playthrough.
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"I think there’s an obsession with the dark and our darkest impulses"

Victims, Families and America’s Thirst for True-Crime Stories "It was a Friday in June, the first day of CrimeCon, an annual true-crime festival sponsored by the TV channel Oxygen." [The Washington Post]
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Technically, it should be called "Peachowser"

ProZD (aka Sungwon Cho) makes the internet’s most geekily delightful ultra-low budget videos, from when you have a REALLY good turn in a card game, games where your choices don't actually matter, to cutscenes that keep the stupid clothes you put on your character, and the classic harem anime where everyone but the protagonist is sentient furniture. [more inside]
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Melville at 200

Subversive, queer and terrifyingly relevant: six reasons why Moby-Dick is the novel for our times [more inside]
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A Whirling Motion of Fluid or Air

Photographer and storm chaser Mike Olbinski spent two years capturing the footage shown in this absolutely stunning short film. Via "We often talk about the damage we are doing to nature, and as often about the catastrophes this is bringing across the globe. And well we should. But we have to also remember that even when it looks enraged, nature is also worth our admiration."
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Great. Now I'm even uncertain about how uncertain I should be.

An uptick in the inability to reproduce recent scientific conclusions, aka the Replication Crisis, is calling into question the practice of using significance testing to make inferences. Some think we should use Bayes' Theorem instead to make inferences and quantify uncertainty.
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Some neighborhoods were not worth fixing.

In the 50s and 60s, Syracuse's 15th Ward was a thriving working class black community. Then the calls for “urban renewal” came, and the 15th Ward was destroyed to make way for Interstate 81. Today, the Syracuse portion of I-80 is at the end of its useful life. To determine what comes next, the city must come to terms with what the highway destroyed. But can tearing it down fix the sins of the past? [more inside]
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On a Roll

A recent episode of the near future sci-fi anthology show Black Mirror depicted a story involving pop icon Ashley O (played by Miley Cyrus). With Trent Reznor's blessing, the NIN classic Head Like a Hole was turned into an alternate universe version of itself: the high energy electro-pop chart topper On a Roll. The original lyrics about cruelty and corruption in modern society have been replaced with affirmations of success:
I'm stoked on ambition and verve / I'm gonna get what I deserve
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Dark Side of the Force

After Trump cites Amazon concerns, Pentagon reexamines $10 billion JEDI cloud contract process The White House has instructed newly installed Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper to reexamine the awarding of the military’s massive cloud-computing contract because of concerns that the deal would go to Amazon (Washington Post) [more inside]
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This is How Things Work Now at G/O Media

"When Jim Spanfeller and a private equity firm called Great Hill Partners took over G/O Media—formerly Gizmodo Media Group—in April, their stated goal was to make the company profitable. It was a welcome refrain for employees all too aware of how the company had languished under Univision’s doomed ownership. But as Spanfeller began to implement his vision, that hope was replaced by employee frustration and skepticism over his hiring practices and interference with the company’s journalism." Deadspin's Laura Wagner writes a blistering report ofnDeadspin's parent company leadership.
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Future Farmers of America

For small family farmers and beginning ranchers, successful YouTube channels can pay more than their crops. Zach Johnson, who grows corn and soybeans in Minnesota, is known in YouTube circles as MN Millennial Farmer. It’s a role, he says, that’s provided him and his wife, Becky, about five times more in earnings than he can make on the family farm in the last year. (Bloomberg, July 2019) If you don't know enough about farming to vlog about it, you could always make your own phone farm (Vice, Aug. 2019), using dozens of phones to view ads constantly. Everything (AllAdvantage review, circa 2000) old ("Get paid to surf", 2000) is new again. [more inside]
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Democratic Socialists of America 2019 Convention

DSA's 2019 convention starts in Atlanta today. DSA member Andrew Sernatinger has written a breakdown of the convention, as well as given an interview about his piece. [more inside]
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That’s the same number of circles in Hell

Reviewing All 9 Entries for Chili Dogs on the Sonic the Hedgehog Wiki [more inside]
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Coming clean about Medieval bathing practices

Historian Eleanor Janega sheds some enlightenment about bodily hygiene in the so-called Dark Ages.
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Access for me, not for thee

UC Berkeley law professor Rebecca Wexler writes in the LA Times about "a cluster of new and proposed state and federal laws" that strengthen consumer privacy protections. Unfortunately, the new wave of legislation offers broad exceptions for law enforcement requesting access to data from third-party companies in the course of an investigation--while similar access is denied to defendants trying to prove their innocence. Writes Wexler: "Just as the privacy interests of poor, minority and heavily policed communities are often ignored in the lawmaking process, so too are the interests of criminal defendants, many from those same communities." Further detail provided in a recent paper.
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I would attend more sport if it was actaully like this

These Chaotic Games Are a Referee's Worst Nightmare Have a look at these totally mad sports photos. I'd totally attend more sporting events if they looked like this. Someone should try it - massed synchronized swimming, 400 a side football!
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