Technically, it should be called "Peachowser"
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The best part is that several of his videos (such as Chairem Anime) have their own continuities, with a regular returning cast for each.
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Somewhere on the depths of the internet I saw really amazing fanart for Chairem Anime. The best part was that Refrigerator-senpai was the hottest while also still somehow being a fridge. I tried to find the fanart just now but talk about ungoogleable.
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I was trying to remember where I'd seen him before. I think it was through this comment here (when water-drinking meets internet).
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I've been a ProZD fan for some time now. The great thing about him--apart from his being quite funny--is that he actually appears to be a normal, nice guy, not invested in toxic masculinity or any of the seething Youtuber bullshit. Some of his Let's Plays rely a little too much on childish humor, but some of them have had me rolling on the floor. If you see a woman walking around Manhattan in a "MY MACHINATIONS LAY UNDETECTED FOR YEARS" shirt, well, it's probably me.
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the 85 ethers one is extremely true, forever
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The card game one is exactly why my wife will no longer play Dominion with me.
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I love this guy so much and when I'm wiped after a long work week I will just sit and binge his skits sometimes. I'm glad you posted this to the blue!
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He's a professional voice actor and has a let's play channel where he and another voice actor play Ace Attorney, doing voices for all the characters. It's great!
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I've said this before but now it's more on-topic so I'll say it again, ProZD singing as Goofy singing the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme song must be heard to be believed. You WILL believe it's Goofy crooning out those good good tunes.
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This is freaking delightful! Thank you so much!
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I could swear I already saw this exact post somewhere. But even if so, I don't mind.

I'm on a couple of enthusiast subreddits, so I'm constantly reminded of the "vertie vs. horie" thing.
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Direct link to Anime Crimes Division, in case you want to see him in something with a budget, and proper camerawork, and special effects, and other actors, and more than 30s long.

He's a hard-bitten anime detective with a dark past and a pocky addiction. His partner is a rookie that watches Digimon. And Neo-Otaku City is about to expode...
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This is very fine, and man that "really good turn in a card game." A single tear.
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For those unfamiliar with the reference, here's the skit it's from. It's one of my favorites. Other good ones: replaying a game and knowing all the plot twists and a villain who unintentionally always does helpful things.
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Opinions on the internet.
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God, he's SO SO funny. Husband and I have been obsessed with him for years. Nobody has linked this masterpiece yet??
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I love many ProZD videos, but my absolute favourite is still this rendition of the Pokemon Johto anime theme song, mostly because of Anne-Marie's backing vocals.
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I appreciate that all of his card game videos heavily feature cheese themes.
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I'm not much of a fanman generally but I was walking into a convention where I heard he would be and I said "I wonder if I'll see ProZ… oh god, IS THAT HIM?!" to my girlfriend whereupon I, a fully adult and coherent man, kind of pivoted and hid instead of just saying "Hi, I enjoy your content. Thanks for the laughs, have a great day!"

I never saw him again.

He just makes me so happy with his absurdist videos and very consistent final fantasy knock-off world he's built. He seems like he enjoys life and what he does.
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So, good for those who are Team Archibald, but I am Team Lysanderoth all the way.
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Thanks for the post ! ProZD is one of my youtube delights - When I don't know what to watch and just want a boost of something funny, that's where I usually go.
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The card game one is exactly why my wife will no longer play Dominion with me.

I had to send that link to a friend before she could send it to me and say it's me

because it's meeeeeeee
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