August 4, 2018

we have such maps to show you

It's a category violation: both mod and game, both goal-based and open-ended, both scripted and procedurally-generated. It's a boundary violation: a dimensional tram takes players to randomly selected GMod maps. It's a CRIMINAL violation: one of the main goals is to commit larceny and steal every prop and (after an equipment upgrade) solid surface in the joint at the behest of four adorable talking cats. From the creators of Elevator: Source (previously) comes the most unique GMod game mode ever made, for 1 to 16 players: JAZZTRONAUTS! (Reading the entire FAQ is a super-must. There's even more info at their Twitter account. Game has received patches, and more are forthcoming after a short break.)
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I'm at home at last

Fox Amoore (previously) and Pepper Coyote [previously] team up to create a song about wanting a fursuit in a truly furry way. And it is glorious.
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“Most chicken diapers are machine washable...”

The booming business of luxury chicken diapers [The Outline] “Then Baker started getting orders. Lots of them. Though at first she was mainly selling to her friends who attended poultry shows — to the true chicken die-hards who also like to enter their birds into pseudo-relay-races — in the last few years she’s noticed a shift in her customer base. Even people without deep connections to the poultry world want her diapers so they can take their chickens indoors (and post stylish photos on Instagram). Baker currently sells 500 to 1,000 diapers, which retail for $18 apiece, each month. “There's not a single state that I don't ship to,” Baker said.” [more inside]
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“What’s your best toy?”

During my tenure doing sex toy retail, I saw thousands of people attempt to wallpaper over their discomfort by buying the “right” toy to solve their problems. People dropped hundreds of dollars trying to make their partners listen to them, or find them desirable, or care about their pleasure. That’s how afraid they were to communicate. [more inside]
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Jean-Luc Picard is coming back to television.

Announced today at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Jean-Luc Picard in a new CBS All Access series. [more inside]
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"It’s the most impactful thing when you see it’s possible"

Choreographer Chloe Arnold's Emmy Nomination Is a Win for Black Womanhood. Many dream of being nominated for an entertainment award like an Emmy, but few find out exactly how surreal the experience is. Dancer and choreographer Chloe Arnold was so unprepared for the honor, she initially suspected the worst when she began receiving dozens of missed calls and text messages in the middle of the night. [...] After the requisite freakout, Arnold’s next call was to friend and longtime mentor Debbie Allen. And as it turned out, the multi-hyphenate legend was already celebrating her protege’s success. “She was just so proud and she said, “We’re always connected.” [more inside]
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Jail for the mentally ill?

Sent to a Hospital, But Locked in Prison Andrew Butler’s hallucinations and paranoia began last summer. When they persisted into the fall, his father agreed to have him civilly committed — involuntarily sent to the state psychiatric hospital to receive treatment. A few months into his stay at New Hampshire Hospital, Butler was transferred. To a prison.
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Dada + Digital = Dupré

To say Lola Dupré makes collages is like saying Neil Cicierega makes music videos. It's true, but not what you're expecting. (h/t madamjujujive)

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Cruising Blues and Their Cure

Cruising Blues and Their Cure By Robert Pirsig (originally published in Esquire, May 1977) "This is the understanding that whether you are bored or excited, depressed or elated, successful or unsuccessful, even whether you are alive or dead, all this is of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. The sea keeps telling you this with every sweep of every wave."
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Delivering mail? Oh, he excels at that, sir.

"R2-D2 was chosen to have its likeness placed onto collection boxes because his shape is so similar to that of the mailboxes. Additionally, the little droid was selected because it 'embodies the trust and dependability for which the Postal Service is renowned' according to the USPS press release announcing the mailboxes' arrival." The associated Flickr group. via (via)
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He asked me to leave him on, because otherwise he would be scared

"Eight participants felt sorry for the robot, because it told them about its fears of the darkness." Scientists asked subjects to interact with a robot, then turn it off. Some of the robots protested, and people responded in different ways. [more inside]
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It's always the quiet ones

After Jerry and Rita Alter passed away, a painting that hung in their bedroom was discovered to be a stolen De Kooning, worth over $100 million. They were a quiet couple that kept to themselves, and friends and family have a hard time believing they could be the thieves. But others aren't so sure.
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We Rise Together, Homie

The story behind Antoine Dangerfield's viral video of a solidarity wildcat strike of Latino construction workers at a new UPS facility. [more inside]
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