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The antithesis of the sexless marriage: 365 days of getting it on, and on, and on. "Let's say you and your spouse haven’t had sex in so long that you can’t remember the last time you did. Not the day. Not the month. Maybe not even the season. Would you look for gratification elsewhere? Would you file for divorce? Or would you turn to your mate and say, 'Honey, you know, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we do it for the next 365 days in a row?'" And of course, how could this be complete without books chronicling all the ins and outs of the experiments? (NYTimes article, may require registration.)
comment posted at 11:57 PM on Jun-7-08

We all know The Rapture is coming soon (although "no one knows the day or hour"), and many of us will want to send out appropriate taunting messages from our heavenly perch to our loser buddies that didn't get chosen. At last, a service provider has arisen to serve this need. At You've Been Left Behind, you can store up to 250 MB of documents to be sent to up to 62 separate emails addresses in the event of the Rapture. Rapture is determined to have occurred when 3 of the 5 team members fail to log in to the site over a 3 day period.
comment posted at 2:02 PM on Jun-3-08

It all started with a NYC writer wearing a tutu, getting splashed by a passing bus...
"It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes—that's why you sometimes need really special shoes." a 7-parter on the shoes that made the show...
comment posted at 9:21 AM on Jun-1-08

Best rectal thermometer ever? And yes, it does play the theme song while taking your temperature.
comment posted at 3:51 PM on May-14-08

Do You Want To Know RIGHT NOW How You Can Drive Around Using WATER as FUEL and Laugh At Rising Gas Costs, While Reducing Emissions and Preventing Global Warming?
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Gen. Vang Pao’s Last War. "The U.S. government relied on Vang Pao and his Hmong soldiers to battle Communism in the jungles of Laos. Why is the Justice Department now calling him a terrorist?"
comment posted at 8:10 PM on May-11-08

17 Notorious Living, Working Cinematic Provocateurs. The Onion A/V Club strikes again.
comment posted at 3:28 PM on May-5-08

Columbia University's Digital Scriptorium is a database of high quality scans from medieval and renaissance manuscripts. The highlights section alone is breathtaking, but you can search and browse through over 5000 manuscripts and almost 25000 individual images.
comment posted at 10:50 AM on May-3-08

My Beautiful Mommy is a children's book for children whose mothers suddenly come home from the doctor with giant hooters, or significant amounts of fat suddenly missing. A bold new market in childrens publishing awaits.
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Apr-18-08

The stark, modal banjo and achingly poignant, weathered voice of the great Dock Boggs [previous] are the perfect aural accompaniment to a slideshow of William Gedney's [previous] powerfully intimate photographs: Kentucky, 1964.
comment posted at 1:04 PM on Apr-15-08

96 years ago today, the RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the northern Atlantic, taking 1,500 souls with her. Now, they're blaming the rivets.
comment posted at 6:00 PM on Apr-14-08

Dear God is a global project for people around the world to share their innermost hopes - and fears - through prayer. Some photos NSFW.
comment posted at 11:51 PM on Apr-13-08

World's worst tattoo? World's worst tattoo.
comment posted at 1:34 AM on Apr-8-08

Webcomics Weekly #29 features a 2 hour (at times raucous) round table between Scott Kurtz, Ted Rall, Brad Guigar, Matt Bors and others on how to make money from webcomics.
comment posted at 1:58 PM on Mar-31-08

Longtime MAD magazine artist Al Jaffee (now 87 years old!) created the fold-in as a unique contribution to the MAD-style of satirical humor. Now the NYT has the comprehensive history online in interactive form.
comment posted at 12:58 PM on Mar-30-08

The Diner: A true American hallmark, that first appeared on the horizon in the early 70's (the 1870's that is), and has remained a fixture on the American psyche since. If you've never been to one, why not go ahead and have your next meal there? There maybe one right around the corner from where you live. If not, well, like me, you can sit back and look at the glorious images that are available and hope that one day your dream comes true. But until then: remember to adhere to the Ten Commandments, and yeah--if you can--get a copy of Diner (youtube) and watch it. It might not be "strictly" about Diners, but it's fun all the same. [previously]
comment posted at 4:41 PM on Mar-28-08

Have a crush on someone you only know online? Want to make them a mixtape but you don't have their physical address? Not a problem, thanks to Muxtape, an online mixtape manager. Just upload up to 12 tracks, and a custom URL is provided.Via.
comment posted at 3:48 PM on Mar-25-08
comment posted at 5:19 PM on Mar-25-08

Tent cities spring up in L.A. With foreclosures rates still rising, shantytowns have started springing up in Los Angeles.
comment posted at 11:44 AM on Mar-18-08

I must-- no, I NEED to know! What's the music clip used on this website?!
comment posted at 1:05 PM on Mar-17-08

40 years ago tomorrow, more than 500 villagers were raped, tortured, and slaughtered (disturbing images) by American soldiers in a hamlet nicknamed Pinkville. Four Hours in My Lai tells the story. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
comment posted at 9:12 AM on Mar-15-08

In 2005, Shane Acker released his student film, the atmospheric, masterfully animated "9" [10 min video], to critical acclaim. In 2006, the film toured with The Animation Show. Now, Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov and a couple other familiar folks will be helping Acker bring a feature-length adaptation to theaters later this year.
comment posted at 6:29 PM on Mar-11-08

Plagiarism scandal rocks DC's Vertigo line. A comics blogger has discovered shocking evidence of theft in Fables, Y: The Last Man, Sandman, and other major Vertigo titles. (Via Comics Should Be Good!)
comment posted at 9:45 AM on Mar-10-08

Uncle Dirty is a fascinating photo essay about a photographer's strange uncle who has lived 86 years obsessed with bodybuilding, penises, and thongs. Not safe for work, but not too crazy, the photos really humanize someone you'd probably cross the street to avoid in real life. (via mjj/blort)
comment posted at 2:34 PM on Mar-8-08

"I can't imagine Americans writing a song like this. It has a grim beauty. It feels pessimistic in one breath and optimistic in another." The Guardian asks musicians about the songs that define what it means to be English. The Welsh, Scots and Northern Irish each get an interview too.
comment posted at 7:30 PM on Mar-5-08

Howl's Moving Castle - in papercraft. Stop motion animation of the assembly here, flickr set of the finished product here, details on the kit here. Found via.
comment posted at 11:34 AM on Feb-25-08

Jimmy Kimmel's response to his girlfriend Sarah Silverman's reverse-ode "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" premiered on his post-Oscar broadcast. It's star-studded and just as hilarious. Enjoy, but remember, it's potentially NSFW audio!
comment posted at 11:02 AM on Feb-25-08

Free Star Trek. The only Star Trek that matters -- the ones with Kirk, Spock, Bones, and the rest.
comment posted at 2:27 PM on Feb-22-08

Where did Lily Allen get her music from? Her own head? Her producer's heads? Her co-writers' heads? No. Lily 'borrowed' liberally from old reggae and ska tracks and even soft porn soundtracks. The music like dirt blog (a find in itself) outlines every sample and influence in 'Alright, Still', and the result is much more interesting than the album itself. Music like dirt provides some brilliant links to classic reggae, ska, calypso, jazz.....
comment posted at 2:43 PM on Feb-17-08

Hong Kong sex scandal. Edison Chen's cache of private photos may be the biggest Asian sex scandal ever. Starting roughly on Feb. 5, developing, developing. Some pix NSFW but pixelated, and you'll have to google if you want the real images.
comment posted at 4:19 PM on Feb-12-08

Invasion of the Jellyfish The box jellyfish [AKA Sea Wasp] is so packed with venom that the briefest of touches can bring agonising death within 180 seconds. And if comes under sustained attack it responds by sending its compatriots into a super-breeding frenzy in which millions of replacements are created. The really bad news is that the box jellyfish and another equally poisonous species, Irukandji, are on the move. Scientists are warning that their populations are exploding and will pose a monumental problem unless they are stopped. First aid for stings.
comment posted at 11:06 AM on Feb-10-08

The Aimee Mann Christmas Trilogy Parts One, Two, and Three (YT links) featuring: Paul F. Tompkins, Jon Krasinski, Emily Procter, Patton Oswalt, Weird Al Yankovic, Bob Odenkirk, Fred Armisen, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell.
comment posted at 7:28 PM on Feb-8-08

Lego Eddie Izzard (full set here).
comment posted at 7:31 PM on Feb-8-08

Fuck Planet Earth. The extreme beauty of the popular Planet Earth series comes alive with this comedic bit that simply repeats the F-bomb to great effect.
comment posted at 4:31 PM on Jan-26-08

I remember her smoky-voiced laugh best. I can't believe I'm the first person to post about Suzanne Pleshette's untimely death. I came to MetaFilter after not having visited in many months to post a respectful '.' and there wasn't a link up yet. So I'm starting one.* As much as I loved her in Newhart, I remember her most from her appearances on talk shows, mostly her flirting with Johnny Carson. I was a little surprised when I read that she'd married Tom Poston, who also passed away recently. He seemed kinda square on The Newhart Show, and she seemed so hip. Apparently I confused their TV personae with their real ones.
comment posted at 8:05 PM on Jan-20-08

Rules of Thumb is a user submitted (and voted upon) collection of the world's greatest rules of thumb for different situations, from playing Blackjack to choosing a bicycle frame.
comment posted at 4:53 PM on Jan-9-08

Dying Speeches & Bloody Murders digitizes over five hundred broadsides owned by the Harvard Law Library, all of them devoted to "last dying speeches"--that is, sensational accounts of crime, punishment, and (fictional) confession, intended to be sold at public executions. The New York State Historical Association has an online exhibition devoted to nineteenth-century American murder pamphlets. You can find a couple of seventeenth-century examples at the Early Modern Web and the Folger Library. Old Bailey Online briefly puts this literature into context. (Main link via C18-L.)
comment posted at 7:04 PM on Jan-4-08

Burrito Project is an organization which helps feed the hungry and homeless in cities around the world. The organization encourages people "to get together with friends and build burritos to take to the streets". Anyone can start a Burrito Project and the organization encourages everyone to help feed the hungry in their local communities. Haven't heard of the Burrito Project? There's probably a good, albeit very strange, reason why. [via]
comment posted at 11:42 AM on Jan-3-08

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