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Some fear the rules, soon to be finalized, will essentially destroy the process of campus Title IX hearings. The final rules, expected to be released before the end of the year, are likely to include a controversial provision requiring schools to allow in-person cross-examination of students who report assault and harassment, as well as accused students. Many activists, as well as school administrators, say cross-examination is traumatic for a survivor of sexual violence; Jordan Draper, assistant vice president for student affairs at the College of New Jersey, called it “completely terrifying” in an interview with Vox earlier this year. She and others say their schools may have to scrap formal sexual assault hearings entirely if cross-examination is required.
comment posted at 6:58 PM on Nov-27-19

False witness: why is the US still using hypnosis to convict criminals? "For decades, US law enforcement has used ‘forensic hypnosis’ to help solve crimes – yet despite growing evidence that it is junk science, this method is still being used to send people to death row." [The Guardian]
comment posted at 4:14 PM on Nov-13-19

Can a Burger Help Solve Climate Change? - "Eating meat creates huge environmental costs. Impossible Foods thinks it has a solution."
comment posted at 6:32 AM on Oct-1-19

ThinkProgress is shutting down today (Daily Beast), after failing to find a new publisher.
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I found Bigfoot ... maybe -- I spent a weekend with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization searching for the large primate. We didn’t find the elusive creature. Or did we? Matt Blitz writes for Popular Mechanics, documenting his experiences, and recapping the research efforts of others, to find Bigfoot in Ohio, home to Bigfoot enthusiasts (Cincinnati Refined), if not the sasquatches themselves. Ohio is "teeming" with sightings (Travel Channel), from amateurs and the Sasquatch Research Team at Bigfoot Ohio.
comment posted at 1:15 PM on Jul-24-19

If domestic abuse is one of the most underreported crimes, domestic abuse by police officers is virtually an invisible one. It is frighteningly difficult to track or prevent—and it has escaped America’s most recent awakening to the many ways in which some police misuse their considerable powers. Very few people in the United States understand what really happens when an officer is accused of harassing, stalking, or assaulting a partner.
comment posted at 1:41 PM on May-26-19

Is it a Farm if it Doesn’t Sell Food? Civil Eats on "The latest Census of Agriculture, released yesterday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) [...] The new census shows that nearly 604,000 farms reported sales below $1,000, a slight increase from 2012. It's not known how many of those farms had zero sales, since that data isn't published by the USDA".
comment posted at 1:01 PM on May-15-19

Women Who Terminate Their Pregnancies Would Receive Life in Prison. On Tuesday, Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed a “fetal heartbeat” bill that seeks to outlaw abortion after about six weeks. The measure, HB 481, is the most extreme abortion ban in the country—not just because it would impose severe limitations on women’s reproductive rights, but also because it would subject women who get illegal abortions to life imprisonment and the death penalty.
comment posted at 2:17 PM on May-7-19

Who is now in the business of training young journalists? Why the Charles Koch Institute, that's who, along with the (potentially puzzling) assistance of the Poynter Institute. "The Media and Journalism Fellowship program is for aspiring and entrepreneurial journalists and storytellers. Our program offers media and creative professionals the opportunity to refine their skills and accelerate their careers while learning about the crucial role of free speech and a free press in our society. The year-long fellowship starts its next session in June 2019."
comment posted at 3:41 PM on Apr-13-19

80% of women living in communist East Germany always reached orgasm during sex, according to the Hamburg magazine Neue Revue in 1990. For West German women that figure was only 63%. [...] In short, they claimed, women had better sex under socialism than under capitalism because socialism treated women better.
comment posted at 3:01 PM on Apr-9-19

The Barely Hidden Flaws in Jordan Peterson's Scholarship "Simply reading the books you find in the religion section of your local used bookstore does not make you a religious scholar, no matter how many YouTube videos you post." [SLMedium]
comment posted at 4:04 PM on Apr-7-19
comment posted at 4:09 PM on Apr-8-19

The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn’t Go Well. Ten years ago, the tax agency formed a special team to unravel the complex tax-lowering strategies of the nation’s wealthiest people. But with big money — and Congress — arrayed against the team, it never had a chance. (SLProPublica by Jesse Eisinger and Paul Kiel; previously in this series)
comment posted at 5:52 PM on Apr-5-19

“Hayes and Burton want to create a service that not only offers more humane treatment of its creative community but also gives leftist and left-curious viewers a single home for everything from animated comedy to scripted and reality shows to quick explainers, produced explicitly without the kind of restrictions or corporate watering down more prevalent elsewhere. Means TV will be a subscription streaming service that will cost $10 per month, but it plans to publish content across social and YouTube to counter the legions of right-wing content creators on those platforms.” The team behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s viral campaign is aiming to create a home for quality leftist entertainment and media without a corporate leash. (Fast Company) “ “Basically, it’s a cooperatively-run, anti-capitalist Netflix,” said co-founder Naomi Burton, the goal of which is “to help create the cultural foundation and support needed to build socialism in the U.S.” (The Intercept) MEANS TV: For All Of Us - Parenting under Capitalism - Slavery, Colonizlism, And Capitalism - Lifehacks! How to literally stay alive! - Health Justice Is What We Deserve - Freedom Under Capitalism with Streetfight Radio - Youtube Channel
comment posted at 6:05 PM on Apr-4-19

The Daily Beast: Trump Diehards Create Their Own Yelp for MAGA-Friendly Restaurants. If you find yourself constantly afraid of being shouted at while trying to have a nice dinner out with your fellow Conservatives while drinking Liberal Tears, then there's an app for that.
comment posted at 2:25 PM on Mar-11-19

The Heavily Armed Millennials of Instagram
Beyond the bunnies and the operators, the tactical world breaks down into a handful of smaller niche categories: competition shooters, “Don’t Tread on Me” 2A defenders, ’Merica-loving irony bros, young bearded dads, legitimate preppers, YouTube stunt shooters, self-defense feminists, conceal-carry exhibitionists (gun in waistband, bellybutton exposed), religious operators (meet @pewpewpreacher), fashionista tactigals.

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"People who are struggling with depression or other difficulties often assume that sharing their story with friends imposes a burden on them. In fact, the opposite is usually true: From a true friend’s perspective, being entrusted with the cares and burdens of another is a privilege. It’s an opportunity to dispense generosity, and a sign and symbol of trust. And when both people share with each other more of their inner worlds, more of their sorrow and suffering, the friendship is strengthened. In the words of the proverb, friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief."
comment posted at 1:06 PM on Mar-4-19

From this twitter thread (“Mine used to say if you ate too much popcorn your poo would float”) comes a memory by @gailsey: “My dad told me I was allergic to strawberries as a child. I’m now 47 and have spent most of my life avoiding them, checking labels and giving hospitals allergy alerts - he’s just told me it was a lie as he ‘wanted to eat them’”, while @EggmanLes remembers “Pretending to talk to the police on the phone about me not tidying my room: ‘They will be here soon’”, @sophiefwv recalls “The ice cream man only played the chimes when he had run out of ice cream.” and @DisorderlyHouse admits “I must have been 4 or 5 when my dad told me men had nipples to detect ghosts. I didn't think to question it till I was an adult.”
comment posted at 1:46 PM on Mar-4-19

Apis mellifera (honey bees) and its subspecies worker bees are incredibly hygienic both in terms of their removal of disease in the colony and their keeping up with general housekeeping.
comment posted at 6:49 PM on Mar-1-19

How the media should respond to Trump’s lies: a linguist explains how Trump uses lies to divert attention from the “big truths.” "George Lakoff, a professor of linguistics and cognitive science at UC Berkeley ... recently published an article laying out the media’s dilemma. Trump’s 'big lie' strategy, he argues, is to 'exploit journalistic convention by providing rapid-fire news events for reporters to chase.' According to Lakoff, the president uses lies to divert attention from the 'big truths,' or the things he doesn’t want the media to cover. This allows Trump to create the controversies he wants and capitalize on the outrage and confusion they generate, while simultaneously stoking his base and forcing the press into the role of 'opposition party.'" [ViA]
comment posted at 6:08 PM on Nov-24-18

“One way of being anti-anti-utopian is to be utopian. It’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to imagine how they might get better. Here no doubt one has to avoid Berlant’s “cruel optimism,” which is perhaps thinking and saying that things will get better without doing the work of imagining how. In avoiding that, it may be best to recall the Romain Rolland quote so often attributed to Gramsci, “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.” Or maybe we should just give up entirely on optimism or pessimism—we have to do this work no matter how we feel about it. So by force of will or the sheer default of emergency we make ourselves have utopian thoughts and ideas. This is the necessary next step following the dystopian moment, without which dystopia is stuck at a level of political quietism that can make it just another tool of control and of things-as-they-are.” Dystopias Now, Kim Stanley Robinson (Commune Magazine)
comment posted at 1:22 PM on Nov-2-18

Ancient Romans say it's Pork O'Clock. Chaucer says it's Pryme of Day. Pyrenean shepherds say it's time to take the sheep home. Maybe it's time for you to make your own.
comment posted at 1:28 PM on Nov-2-18

"I’m not transphobic, but…”: A feminist case against the feminist case against trans inclusivity This Friday, the 19th October, the [British] Government's consultation on a proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) will close. The process has become a focal point for a heated and often toxic debate over what we as a society owe to trans people, and how the claims of the trans community - and of trans women in particular - relate to the characteristic commitments and concerns of feminism. [Content note - this article discusses transphobia extensively, as do the links below]
comment posted at 4:07 AM on Oct-19-18

Earlier this year, the Aquarium in Bergen, Norway hosted "Fish To Mars," a "metal science opera" with story by [MeFi's Own] Peter Watts, score by Arild Brakstad, and libretto by Karin Pittman. Much more at the Fish To Mars website.
comment posted at 2:34 PM on Aug-31-18

As Beyonce takes over Vogue Magazine, she has some stuff to say. Beyoncé In Her Own Words. (SL Vogue)
comment posted at 12:42 PM on Aug-10-18

"I think you’re racist. I think I am, too." (full talk) Dr. Robin DiAngelo coined the term "white fragility" to describe "a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable." She has just published a book on the subject and in this talk for the KUOW Speakers Forum she has particularly pointed words for the fragility of white progressives.
comment posted at 4:27 PM on Jul-21-18

Conversation is impossible if one side refuses to acknowledge the basic premise that facts are facts. This is why engaging deniers in such an effort means having already lost. And it is why AskHistorians, where I am one of the volunteer moderators, takes a strict stance on Holocaust denial: We ban it immediately.
comment posted at 6:59 AM on Jul-21-18

I stopped in my local bike shop (lbs) today, and noticed that all of the bikes were starting to converge on the same set of features: disc brakes, dropped handlebars, somewhat aggressive position: gravel bikes, adventure bikes, cyclocross bikes, all-road bikes.... what happened? What The Hell Is A Gravel Bike?
comment posted at 5:15 PM on Jul-1-18

"There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself," Australian comic Hannah Gadsby says in her new Netflix special. Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette Will Change The Way You Think About Comedy, says Anna Silman in The Cut, which has MANY SPOILERS. (CW for sexual abuse, rape, assault in Netflix special.) "...Perhaps the power of her performance will open the door for a richer and more humane kind of stand-up – one that sets an example for future young women deciding how they want to tell their stories to the world."
comment posted at 7:00 PM on Jun-22-18

Give Everyone Government Bank Accounts - "A new report co-authored by two Treasury Department veterans, 'Central Banking for All: A Public Option for Bank Accounts', argues that Americans should have an account at the Federal Reserve, just as banks do. They believe this would solve a vast array of problems at once, ensuring that everyone is included in the financial system, driving down retail costs for businesses and consumers, and even making recessions less likely."
comment posted at 6:22 AM on Jun-21-18

Smokey Mtns. native, tracker of lost people, especially childen, knower of the woods The kind of knowledge this man has is precious and there doesn't seem to be any school or program that is learning from him, which is sad for us all.
comment posted at 5:23 AM on May-5-18

In 1937, Maurice Hilleman had a job lined up as the assistant manager of the J. C. Penney in Miles City. In Depression-era Montana, Penney’s was top-notch employment, especially to a senior at Custer County High who grew up raising chickens on the outskirts of town. But Hilleman’s older brother pointed out there was that college in Bozeman and suggested Maurice should at least try to get a scholarship. He did, finished first in his class and went on to a graduate program in microbiology at the University of Chicago. Of the 14 standard recommended vaccines — including those for measles, mumps, meningitis, pneumonia and both hepatitis A and B — Hilleman developed eight of them. In a century soaked in genocide, his work saved millions of lives, including, potentially, yours and mine. J. C. Penney’s loss was humanity’s gain.
comment posted at 6:30 AM on Feb-16-18

A Prescription for Reducing Wasted Health Care Spending. "It’s been estimated that the U.S. health care system wastes about $765 billion a year — about a quarter of what’s spent. We’ve identified ways that tens of billions of dollars are being wasted, some of them overlooked even by many experts and academics studying this problem." A ProPublica article series.
comment posted at 6:29 AM on Dec-24-17

There is a technical term for the kind of instrument it is, a wonderful word: idiophone. An idiophone is something that you hit to make a distinctive sound. That’s all there is to it. No strings, no flute-holes, just an object that you strike. A triangle would be the most obvious example. The root “idio” here means singularity or itself-ness or sole, as in, “alone.” Think idiosyncratic—not in sync with others, obeying its own rhythm. Or idiom—an expression that makes sense only in the language to which it belongs.
In the African-influenced musics of Latin America one often hears a uniquely electrifying percussion instrument known as la quijada, the jawbone.
comment posted at 6:38 AM on Dec-24-17

New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning - "A new idea called the 'information bottleneck' is helping to explain the puzzling success of today's artificial-intelligence algorithms — and might also explain how human brains learn."
comment posted at 5:11 AM on Oct-7-17

One-hit-wonder Norma Tanega is known only for “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog,” her soulful, folky quasi-novelty song of 1966 that reached #22 in the pop charts early that year. The whimsical song’s easy-going charm, catchy chorus and vocal harmonies are irresistible, but Tanega, who has recorded several albums worth of worthy material since, was never able to follow it up with another hit record. During the late 1960s Tanega had a romantic relationship with singer Dusty Springfield, during which time she wrote and recorded her "lost" album, I Don’t Think It Will Hurt If You Smile.
comment posted at 1:38 PM on Jul-31-17

Armstrong, E. (2017) A Neural Networks Approach to Predicting How Things Might Have Turned Out Had I Mustered the Nerve to Ask Barry Cottonfield to the Junior Prom Back in 1997, arxiv:1703.10449 [q-bio.NC]
comment posted at 5:39 AM on Apr-1-17

"How B.J. Miller, a doctor and triple amputee, used his own experience to pioneer a new model of palliative care at a small, quirky hospice in San Francisco."[NYTimes] Once an outlier, Zen Hospice has come to embody a growing nationwide effort to reclaim the end of life as a human experience instead of primarily a medical one. The goal, as Miller likes to put it, is to “de-pathologize death.”
comment posted at 5:04 PM on Jan-7-17

The Surprisingly Recent Story of How Shrimp and Grits Won Over the South. This isn't a new article, but damn did it make me want some shrimp and grits.
comment posted at 5:31 PM on Dec-29-16

There are about 60 remaining Futuro ("Flying Saucer") houses left in the world. Sometimes helicoptered into place, and with a groovy interior, these 1960s prefab homes were originally built for skiing (apparently you can still rent one in the Russian Caucus) and vacations. Now, some are abandoned, though one was recently restored and put on display.
comment posted at 6:57 PM on Sep-15-16

Dr Ralph Stanley has passed at age 89
A 2002 Grammy winner and perpetrator of the high lonesome sound he was the oldest living member of the Grand Ole Opry.
O Death YT

comment posted at 3:56 PM on Jun-24-16

Slate discusses one of the most pernicious extant threats to our electrical grid, one that costs the US millions annually in power outages...Squirrels. (SLSlate)
comment posted at 7:00 PM on Jun-18-16

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