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U.S. Soccer needs you now. The US soccer team has not been this far in the World Cup since 1930. Where is the sea of red, white and blue? Watching mundane baseball. (match results in link. from sts)
posted on Jun-17-02 at 5:37 AM

A Life in A Day of Touring. It's essential for any band who have the hopes of making it big. It’s a very huge step that requires much resilience and responsibility…blah blah yadda yadda. (from Sound the Sirens)
posted on May-25-02 at 4:20 AM

About damn time. If I ever get another email asking me to go to Nigeria on behalf of Mr.Ngkoskusomethingoranother for some large sum of cash I could just...
posted on May-24-02 at 2:43 AM

Interesting online magazines. Not as popular or commercial as say Salon but interesting reads from a less mainstream perspective. With so many options and so much variety, it’s difficult to stake your claim. What are some of your favorite online magazines?
posted on Apr-14-02 at 8:09 AM

Actor Dudley Moore Dies at 66
posted on Mar-27-02 at 11:06 AM

Post-Country Heartache. A very down to earth interview with Paul Brill. Who doesn't seem jaded at all from the music industry. Still writing good music and playing shows. (from Sound the Sirens)
posted on Mar-14-02 at 11:59 AM

Well hung at the Grammys. A minute-by-minute lambasting of pop music's biggest night. It just made me laugh.
posted on Mar-1-02 at 11:26 AM

Not Just a Birthmark. "I was chemically altered at embryonic stages of my life by conglomerate CEOs to display their logo on my forehead. This I am sure of. My parents remain unaware. My life remains affected each and every day. Those viewing my face think only of Nike shoes, even if they fail to recognize it. Who knows when this madness will end, or how far its fingers have reached." (found at Sound the Sirens)
posted on Feb-27-02 at 10:58 PM

CNN gets Chung. Beefs up roster. Their continued battle with Fox News heats up with their hiring of Connie Chung. All this sounds a lot more exciting than it really is.
posted on Jan-23-02 at 9:38 AM

Real Big Fish. "Bruce" is a goldfish the size of an average housecat. What did they feed it?
posted on Jan-22-02 at 8:16 AM

Gigo-what? Europe's first brothel for women goes bust.
posted on Jan-19-02 at 9:10 PM

The Michael Jackson Real Beer Tour. Rock.
posted on Jan-15-02 at 8:14 AM

Blogger Code Decoder. Those Blogger Codes are the most annoying thing since Pokemon but just in case...
posted on Jan-14-02 at 4:00 AM

Pee on a plane and get 20......years. After consuming alcohol, prescription sleeping tablets and cocaine, Rodrigo Deambrosio urinated on seats and threatened to bring the plane down. He may now face 20 years if convicted. Mr. Deambrosio insists it was the drugs he consumed but we all know it was the United Airlines service that drove him to his fit of rage.
posted on Jan-6-02 at 11:09 AM