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Timelapse of a rocket launch as seen from space - Progress MS 10 on 2018-11-16 (SLYT; h/t HN)
posted on Nov-24-18 at 1:24 AM

Vipassana Live
posted on Nov-8-18 at 11:19 PM

Cities of the World Where You Don’t Need AC or Heat - lookup available at Guardian
posted on Aug-14-18 at 1:23 AM

How a TV Works in Slow Motion (SLYT; epilepsy warning) (h/t)
posted on Jan-22-18 at 9:34 PM

Inadequacy and Modesty - “When should I think that I may be able to do something unusually well?”
posted on Oct-30-17 at 2:07 AM

(Musical) Interpretation: A Case for a Broad Perspective
posted on Oct-12-17 at 12:22 AM

Sorting Visualizations - via HN
posted on Oct-7-17 at 7:03 AM

Engine Stop Motion Teardown (2m50s; h/t)
posted on Aug-15-17 at 5:45 AM

Build an 8-Bit Computer from Scratch : "I built a programmable 8-bit computer from scratch on breadboards using only simple logic gates. I documented the whole project in a series of YouTube videos and on this web site." via
posted on Jun-1-17 at 4:40 AM

The fight against food fraud : From meat to spices, is anything we eat what we think it is?
posted on Mar-26-16 at 12:19 PM

The Tone Analyzer uses linguistic analysis to detect emotional tones, social propensities, and writing styles in written communication. Then it offers suggestions to help the writer improve their intended language tones.
posted on Jan-16-16 at 12:44 AM

India's 'superhero snacks' by Rajkamal Aich
posted on Jan-16-15 at 10:32 AM

Beethoven's bad influence - Alex Ross ponders if veneration of him stifled his successors.
posted on Oct-14-14 at 1:38 AM : the Indian counterpart of the US, features 10280 resources in 3215 catalogs for public perusal. There's a visualization gallery charting developments like village electrification or domestic air traffic or sales of automobiles. And also a community section featuring apps offering mobile access to some of the data.
posted on Aug-7-14 at 10:23 AM

Meat Atlas: facts and figures about the animals we eat
posted on May-14-14 at 11:17 PM

Eye texture raytracing demo - basic details here.
posted on Feb-22-14 at 5:48 AM

Guardian critic Tom Service's ongoing survey of the 50 symphonies that changed classical music
posted on Nov-23-13 at 8:08 AM

Does doing yoga make you a Hindu?
posted on Nov-21-13 at 12:34 AM

Chinese Provinces and Indian States : "local leaders are increasingly running much of India and China, which are home to a third of all humanity, from the bottom up. That is affecting how both countries act in the world, which means that these countries need to be understood from the inside out"
posted on Oct-25-13 at 7:30 AM

In athletic competitions, what qualifies as a sporting chance?
posted on Sep-4-13 at 11:14 PM

America's Orchestras are in Crisis : How an effort to popularize classical music undermines what makes orchestras great.
posted on Sep-2-13 at 12:27 AM

Launching my first product : Brand, Make, Sell Sell, Make, Brand
posted on Aug-29-13 at 4:39 AM

The Quality of Life: As Macaulay once noted: “If men are to wait for liberty till they become good and wise in slavery, they may indeed wait forever.”
posted on Aug-2-13 at 1:54 AM

A Deadly Triangle - the proxy war in Afghanistan
posted on Jun-26-13 at 7:38 AM

Street Children - Can you look them in the eye?
posted on May-18-13 at 1:03 AM

What would a poverty map of India look like?
posted on Apr-14-13 at 10:02 PM

Open access: The true cost of science publishing
posted on Mar-29-13 at 5:37 AM

Justifying Coercive Paternalism - autonomy is "not valuable enough to offset what we lose by leaving people to their own autonomous choices"
posted on Feb-24-13 at 11:46 PM

The times of The Times of India - world's largest broadsheet English daily
posted on Dec-6-12 at 3:54 AM

The drugs don't work : a modern medical scandal - "The doctors prescribing the drugs don't know they don't do what they're meant to. Nor do their patients. The manufacturers know full well, but they're not telling."
posted on Sep-22-12 at 1:48 AM

Why don’t we consume dairy products from mammals that aren’t cows?
posted on Jul-25-12 at 6:58 AM

Los Tocayos Carlos - a comprehensive investigation by Columbia Law School Professor James Liebman and a team of students which uncovers evidence that Carlos DeLuna, a poor Hispanic man with childlike intelligence who was executed in Texas in 1989, was innocent. The issue of The Columbia Human Rights Law Review, entirely dedicated to this investigation, is available at this website.
posted on May-14-12 at 10:58 PM

What Is Your Favorite Deep, Elegant, Or Beautiful Explanation? - Edge 2012 Annual Question (earlier)
posted on Jan-15-12 at 9:08 AM

Charles Darwin, Economist
posted on Oct-6-11 at 2:14 AM

Varieties of irreligious experience - modern believers "may not accept the idea of God as an actually existing entity, so arguments for atheism will not disturb them"
posted on Sep-16-11 at 4:50 AM

"The modern and contemporary philosophical tradition, which has emphasized the specialness and security of self-knowledge, especially self-knowledge of the stream of conscious experience, and in comparison the relative insecurity or derivativeness of our knowledge of the physical world around us, has the epistemic situation upside-down" - Eric Schwitzgebel (Previously)
posted on Sep-1-11 at 12:40 AM

How musical are you? ← the test. The BBC is teaming up with researchers at Goldsmiths University of London to find out whether personality or practice creates great musicians.
posted on Jan-11-11 at 1:25 AM

"The whole endeavour of the consciousness studies community is absurd – they are in pursuit of a chimera" - Peter Hacker on philosophy
posted on Oct-25-10 at 4:30 AM

Classical Music’s New Golden Age
posted on Jul-21-10 at 7:27 AM

How Britain has changed since 1997
posted on Jul-10-10 at 12:54 AM

Information is beautiful : 30 examples of creative infography
posted on Jun-15-10 at 6:59 AM

Searching for Saddam : how the U.S. military used social networking to capture the Iraqi dictator
posted on Feb-26-10 at 8:04 AM

"..when a victorious chief minister openly admits that he himself approached the leading newspaper of his state with money for “positive stories” after learning that the newspaper had signed a “package deal” with his rivals to print negative stories, you had better sit up and take urgent notice"
posted on Feb-12-10 at 9:54 PM

In search of the world’s hardest language
posted on Jan-3-10 at 10:16 PM

Would it be inherently evil if there were not 6,000 spoken languages but one?
posted on Oct-29-09 at 9:46 PM

The Dark Knight - On Sir Allen Stanford
posted on Apr-29-09 at 12:27 AM

Classical Music at the European Archive. Free and legal lossless downloads of out-of-copyright recordings. Formats include WAV, FLAC, MP3 & Ogg.
posted on Mar-9-09 at 11:17 AM

The Gramophone Archive is a (free) searchable database containing every issue of Gramophone from April 1923 to the latest issue.
posted on Feb-15-09 at 8:55 AM

The Tax Gap - "The Guardian will examine the extent of tax avoidance by big business, day-by-day over two weeks. We are naming more than 20 major British companies, and analysing their secretive tax strategies to ask: are they paying their fair share?".
posted on Feb-4-09 at 7:23 AM

Journalism and complex public issues - a British newspaper editor's travails
posted on Jan-17-09 at 10:21 PM

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