In this position, it's quite easy for me to dislocate his elbow
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First video via mobunited.
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Man, that tall guy in the suit just won't give up.
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I would have been way more interested in martial arts if you could earn dapper-as-hell suits instead of dumb colored belts.
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The May Whitley one is eerily timeless. The sense of humour and spirit of it is exactly what I'd expect to see in a good 21st century feminist satire of a thirties newsreel.

I hadn't noticed until the second time through that she's doing it in heels. Heels!
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Methods of Self-Defence
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I hadn't noticed until the second time through that she's doing it in heels. Heels!

For once, you have to give the guy a tiny bit of credit for that...I mean, that circle throw could not have been terribly comfortable for him. But seriously, it looked pretty damn good...I mean, he was obviously being a good uke but her form was really solid. I especially liked the fluidity of her kick takedown.
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"I hadn't noticed until the second time through that she's doing it in heels. Heels!"

Yeah, I could demonstrate all those techniques with better form, but I really doubt I could do it while wearing heels.
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Heels really need to be incorporated into their own kata.
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I just had a fantasy of Downton Abbey with jiu-jitsu. Paging Masterpiece Theatre...
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I'm pretty sure Judo was one of the first gender inclusive sports (and yes, it was designed as a sport) in the world. I'm glad some of the early female Judoka are getting some recognition. If you don't know much about them, check out Keiko Fukuda and Rena Kanokogi.

A total derail, but I love it so have to share:
This video is of Kyozu Mifune. You'll notice that Mifune is rather smaller than the gentleman (Doug Rogers EDIT: Nope, it's Charlie Palmer) who is trying to throw him. That isn't for lack of trying. Rogers later had both of his elbows dislocated by one of Mifune's other students for being too aggressive with sensei.
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mfu, I did check them out and I am much happier for it.
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mfu, can you point me to a source on the elbow dislocation? That's amazing and I'd like to read more.

Similar violent retribution for successfully attacking the Untouchable Sensei was described in Angry White Pyjamas. The practice is despicable and, to my mind, one of the very worst habits a martial arts community can have. If leaders rely on social rather than martial ability to prevent lower ranks from beating them, then the art's effectiveness feedback loop has been poisoned. It's toxic for any martial artist to believe themselves immune to defeat, and if left unchecked, even good arts can turn into frauds.
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Absolutely, frauds should be checked. However, in judo, old men do not pretend to be invincible overlords with magic powers.

They know they're old, and everyone else knows they're old and cannot fight like someone in their physical prime. Thus, it's not cool to try to beat an old dude up in randori, no matter how impeccable their technique is. Do that with people in a similar or better state of bodily deterioration to yours.

It's not unlike old boxers: They are revered, but no, them giving you the opportunity to spar with them shouldn't be taken as the chance to pound their faces in.

There was a 80+ -year-old judoka who used to work out with us. He had to sit out of a lot of stuff, but he really knew what the finer points of tai otoshi were and was really good to have around. If that guy was willing to do randori with you, it would be incredibly stupid to treat it like some tournament just to put a notch in your belt.

I don't know how hold Mifune is in that video, but he does look very old. If he was still competing, sure, fair game. Otherwise, stupid.

That said, words, not ude garami, student of Mifune, if in fact that's what you did.
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it's not cool to try to beat an old dude up in randori

100% agreed! I hear what you're saying.

That said, words, not ude garami, student of Mifune, if in fact that's what you did.

Is one of us having a stroke?
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The animated textbook is amazing!

Related: Earle Liederman's The Science of Wrestling and the Art of Jiu-Jitsu, published in 1923. Very "modern" thoughts on grappling. Oddly, the wrestling stuff resembles today's judo more closely than the "jiu-jitsu" in that book, which is mostly weird tricks instead of robust techniques, but it does go over some chokes, the calf cutter, and some leg locks that you see today.

Masahiko Kimura vs. Helio Gracie in 1951.
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daveliepmann, I may have lost you there, but what I'm trying to say is, if in fact that student of Mifune's broke that guy's shoulder instead of just talking to him about not being an idiot, that is not cool.
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