Noodles, Scout and Ioli
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Really, really great fun!
posted by Admiral Haddock at 11:41 AM on March 24

Truly the best of the web. I want this one on a t-shirt.
posted by jbickers at 11:45 AM on March 24 [1 favorite]

On second thought, let's not go to the doggy lot. It's a silly place.
posted by Atom Eyes at 11:50 AM on March 24

Just lovely!
posted by txmon at 11:53 AM on March 24

These are truly wonderful, thank you for posting! I especially love how vividly alive these portraits are. (Her people portraits are good too but not as vivid to me.)
posted by LooseFilter at 11:55 AM on March 24

The brown eyes, on the field of black. Sublime.

(I'm biased, as a black dog owner)
posted by DigDoug at 12:06 PM on March 24 [1 favorite]

These are great. My favourite is this guy, failed model for the dogs playing poker.
posted by arcticseal at 12:10 PM on March 24 [1 favorite]

Yup on the joy-filled, yup on the smile. Thanks for posting; it's nice to get a faceful of dog every so often.
posted by Mooski at 12:14 PM on March 24

Somehow these manage to capture both the soulful seriousness and complete absurdity that is your average dog.
posted by Ghostride The Whip at 12:33 PM on March 24 [4 favorites]

I've never understood why science fiction keep introducing us to the tragedy of robots who want, and fail, to be human. We already have dogs wanting and failing at this, and it's a comedy.
posted by Bunny Ultramod at 12:37 PM on March 24 [4 favorites]

Aaaah this is 100% what I needed today. (Well this and a glass of wine, but that has to wait until I get home). Thanks for posting!
posted by Fig at 12:38 PM on March 24

Tomorrow is moving day and I am particularly arthritic today, so I am not having a good time; for every box I pack I'm going to allow myself to sit down and rest for a moment, and look at one of these pictures. Yessssss. Puppies are medicine.
posted by jake at 12:53 PM on March 24 [1 favorite]

This one is totally the real-life analogue of Simple Dog.
posted by mykescipark at 2:07 PM on March 24 [6 favorites]

dog dog dog dog dog

posted by NoraReed at 3:58 PM on March 24

I was having the sort of day where this was the most welcome thing. It did indeed make me smile. Can't wait to get home to my little (ok, 70 pound) loving lump of absurdism.
posted by chatongriffes at 5:22 PM on March 24

Report: Success! I packed countless boxes, and saw many, many puppy pictures. Today ended up being a good day after all. Thank you quin!
posted by jake at 8:52 PM on March 24 [2 favorites]

So much Derpy Derp!
posted by MexicanYenta at 8:22 AM on March 25

this always works on me...
posted by judson at 11:44 AM on March 25

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