I've looked at Abbey Road from both sides now...
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Flickr user Harvezt brings you The Dark Side of the Covers, which recreates 33 rock album covers as seen from the OPPPOSITE direction. Some of the covers are iconic, others are obscure, some of the interpretations are simple and obvious, others are creative and... interesting. (And some are NSFW, but then, some of the original covers were NSFW).
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They really should do Both Sides Now next!
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Rush got there about thirty years early with Moving Pictures, really.

(this is pretty clever overall)
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This one is almost cheating.

Its a cool idea though, and I like it. I also like that he has put a short write-up alongside each double image.
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I liked the write-ups.
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I know this isn't an album cover, but it is related...
Hoping for the Pink Floyd poster.
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Before I clicked through, I was only parsing "covers" as "cover songs" and was sure I was having a stroke trying to make sense of the write-up.

But, having sorted that out, I wish to say that these are very cool indeed.
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I really like the concept, and the write-ups are interesting histories of the albums, but I was surprised to find I didn't really care for the execution. Especially on the ones where elements were added that the write-up didn't really explain the presence of, but really in general.

And a gun in the Nirvana pool? Really?
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My god, this FPP, it's full of tags!
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slightly related: classic album covers in Google street view
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Ha, MtDewd! Totally was the first thing I thought of before even clicking the link.
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There's a really cool tarot deck that does the same thing.
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And a gun in the Nirvana pool? Really?

The first three songs on that album have a gun reference in them.
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The first three songs on that album have a gun reference in them.

That seems a better inspiration than what I thought it was. I hope that's why it's in there.
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In addition to Moving Pictures, Zep's In Through the Out Door has cover versions based on the point of view of the characters in the bar.
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